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The Heartbreak Messenger

No description

Caden Wendling

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of The Heartbreak Messenger

A guy named Quentin was at his friend's, Rob, house. Rob's older brother, Marcus wanted Rob to breakup with his girlfriend for him for $20. Rob said no, so Quentin did it instead. Marcus's girlfriend gave Quentin advice that was give the girls chocolate and flowers to soften the blow. Quentin became the Heartbreak Messenger after he helped one of Marcus's friends. Marcus's friend ordered the deluxe package (the chocolates and flowers). His best friend's, Abby, boyfriend broke up with her and sent Quentin to do it. After he gives Abby flowers as a sorry and says it, Quentin chooses not to be the heart break messenger.
The genre is realistic fiction because a guy goes around braking guys' girlfriends hearts for money and people can do that but don't.
A guy goes to his friend's house and gets paid to do a job for his friends brother. Later he becomes the heartbreak messenger and nobody knows it's him and his friends don't like him anymore. Whenever somebody is around him and alone with him they know they are going to be left with a broken heart.
The Heartbreak Messenger
Author: Alexander Vance
Main characters: Quentin, Rob, and Abby
Side characters: Quentin's mom, victims(People who got their heart broken), and customers(people that tell Quentin the people they need to break up with.
The setting is at a garage (where people fix cars), a park, at a house, at a school, a dump, restaurants and at other peoples houses.
Point of view
The point of view is first person because in the story it says: I cleared my throat,"I'll do it." I was kind of surprised of surprised to hear myself say that. That's from page 6.
Book report made by Caden Wendling
Period 2/3 Mr.Smerz
The conflict of the story is how Quentin keeps getting paid to break peoples hearts and soon he breaks his best friend's heart.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Quentin starts getting more and more clients that want him to break other peoples hearts. One of Quentin's clients say" I may be your best client." His name was Gunner.
The climax of the story is when Quentin breaks his best friends heart. Quentin says in the story while calling his best friend Abby, "I have some things I need to run you by."
The conflict is solved after Quentin breaks his best friends heart and says sorry and retires from being the heartbreak messenger.
Treat other people with respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
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