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Woodsong Final Project

No description

Alyssa Votava

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Woodsong Final Project

Gary and his team enter the gorge. ( Day 4 )
Events in Chronological Order
Why the Passage Was so Powerful
This passage was powerful to me because Paulsen just finished the race and his family is there when he finishes the race. He was so happy that he was crying. This made me happy because he has been racing and having all this stress. Then when he finishes the race his family is there to see him and greet him. I also thought that this passage was powerful because when I read this passage I had a sudden burst of happiness that I didn't have in the other parts of the book. Also, every time I read that passage I always end up smiling. This is why this passage was and is so powerful to me.
This picture is a musher competing in the Iditarod.
The Powerful Passage
By: Alyssa Votava
Woodsong Final Project
Paulsen and his dogs leave Anchorage. ( Day 1 )
The dog sled team stops because of a moose or large cow. ( Day 1 )
They get into the first checkpoint. (Day 2 )
Paulsen has his first hallucinations. ( Day 2 )
At Rhone River Gary takes his 24 hour mandatory layover. ( Day 5 )
Paulsen has to keep cutting through trees, in the Burn, to keep moving forward. ( Day 6 )
Paulsen passes through the ghost town of Iditarod.
( Day 9 )
Paulsen finishes the race. ( Days 16 and 17 )
Paulsen tells the mayor he will be back to run it again.
( Days 16 and 17 )
"I turned and could not keep from crying as I hugged my wife and son and then the dogs, starting from front to back until two mushers took them away to put them on beds and I turned to the mayor of Nome who was there to greet me and said the one thing I never thought I would ever say.
"We'll be back to run it again."
And I knew that it was true."
Figurative Language
1. Simile- It is like going back ten, twelve thousand years, running over these mountains with a dog team. (Page 100)
2. Simile- Like going inside and becoming a cave painting. ( Page 100)
3. Simile- I bounce off boulders, swing back and forth like a piece of meat. ( Page 101)
4. Personification - All the cold air in Alaska seems to settle into the Yukon Valley and in the night it hits like a hammerblow. ( Page 118)
5. Hyperbole- We fly. (Page 128)
Researching the Unknown
1. Why does the boy want to learn more about the dogs and sleds when he lives in a checkpoint for the Iditarod race? ( Checkpoint: Koyuk)
Answer- The boy wants to learn more about the dogs and the sleds because even if he lives in a checkpoint for the Iditarod that doesn't mean that he will know everything about it. It is only once a year so he can't know everything about it. He would still like to learn about the race, dogs, and sleds.
2. Why doesn't Paulsen want to cross the finish line and finish the race?
Answer- Paulsen doesn't want to finish the race because he doesn't want it to end. He wants the race, the exaltation, and the joy and beauty of it to never end.
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