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April Rigler

on 8 May 2017

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This Month at the Help Center
Events and Activities at and Around ASU

Purpose: Create an environment of mutual respect and understanding, while maintaining a positive and cohesive workplace.
Meet Your New Coworkers!
Think Tank
We are only as good as the information we get from you.

We are here to make this the best department at ASU and we cannot do it without you. Every person on the asset team is committed to do what is possible to maintain morale, employee engagement, quality, and care.

Please help us continue to make the Help Center great by using the Think Tank to voice your concerns, comments and praises. This information will be taken to management. Think Tank is located on the filing cabinet before you enter the break room.
November Birthdays
Adam Garnica 11/4
Eric Dover 11/8
Nolan Ryan
Team: IT
Experience: Over seven years in customer service
Favorite: I enjoy hiking
Something No One Knows: I am afraid of the dark

Aaron Downey

Matt McDaniel
Spencer Leisy

Kolby Hadden
Team: Finances
Experience: 5+ years of customer service experience, Work Force Management, Technical Specialist, Auto Finance, Sales
Favorite: I love being outside in nature, and traveling. Sedona, Flagstaff, and San Diego are a few of my favorite places. I play classic, acoustic, and electric guitar. I love cooking and fast cars.
Something No One Knows: I have an orange cat named Jacquise Davinci. I was born on Valentine’s Day.

Team: Finances
Experience: Prior to joining ASU, I worked Collections.
Favorite: Favorite season winter!
Something No One Knows: I enjoy learning dead languages.
Team: IT
Experience: General Manager of Dungeon Delver Gaming Supplies for year; IT Customer Service for Central Community College for one year
Favorite: Panda
Something No One Knows: I play, stream, write for, and interact with the entire MTG Community on a daily basis.

Team: (Finances, Student Services, IT)
Experience: 7 Years customer service, call center setting, multiple industries
Favorite: Hobby - Performing music
Something No One Knows: I learned how to read music before I could read books.
Holiday Classic Boutique: November 18th, 4pm-7pm, and November 19th, 9am- Noon, Trilogy Club House, Gilbert, AZ http://www.visitarizona.com/events/art-culture-and-performances/holiday-classic-boutique
Aviation Fascination: November 18th, 5pm-8pm, Mesa, AZ, http://www.visitarizona.com/events/family/aviation-fascination
Thanksgiving Day Parade: November 24th, 9 am, Fountain Hills, http://www.visitarizona.com/events/family/thanksgiving-day-parade
22nd Annual Glendale Glitters Spectacular Weekend: November 25th and November 26th 5pm- 10pm,
Murphy Park, Glendale, http://www.visitarizona.com/events/holiday/22nd-annual-glendale-glitters-spectacular-weekend

For more events and festivals in Arizona, you can visit www.visitarizona.com
Events Around ASU
Women’s Volleyball vs. Stanford, Friday, November 18th at 5:30pm
Men and Women’s Swimming and Diving vs. Art Adamson (Invitational) , Saturday, November 19th, All Day
Men’s Basketball vs. Citadel, Wednesday, November 23rd at 2:00pm, Wells Fargo Arena
Wednesday, November 16th: ASU Chamber Orchestra: The Fire of Emerging Artists, 7:30pm-9:30pm, Katzin Concert Hall (Free)
Thursday, November 17th: Food and Thought: Eating Locally and Beyond, 5:30pm-7:30pm, Health South Building, Downtown Phoenix (Free and Free food!!)
Monday, November 21st: Presidents and Politics in Song, All day, Music Library (Free)

What has become known as the first Thanksgiving between the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims was a celebration of thanks due to the bountiful harvest and survival of that first year in Plymouth, MA. That feast evolved into what we know as the modern day Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect and take stock of all that we have in our lives: our family, friends, health, pets, and your co-workers to name a few. Please have an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Corina Wright

Team: Financial
Experience: Financial aid assistant 2 years
Financial aid advisor and dean of students at small community trade school 1 year
Favorite activity is hanging out t with my husband and kids. Love getting lost in a good book
Something no one knows: I am a great singer.

Team: Finances
Experience: 9 Years of FA experience as a processor, auditor, technical writer, trainer, coach
Favorite: Rainy days
Something No One Knows: I had perfect attendance in elementary school.

Laura Bennett
Gammage in November: "Beautiful- The Carole King Musical", November 22-27
Wrestling vs. Ohio State, Saturday November 18th at 5:30pm
Spirit Day Pictures
Holiday Recipes
Loaded Slow-Cooker Potatoes

Sweet Potato Bites

Pecan Pie Bars

Interview with Napoleon Marrietta
What is your involvement in Native America heritage month?
My involvement in this year’s heritage month is speaking on issues that are going on in indigenous communities in the US and here in Arizona. Also helping out speaking on these issues as much as I can, more specifically on the loop 202 freeway.
Are you going to perform?
No, my involvement is more about speaking and addressing awareness. Also encouraging people to come out and support, that may be in donations, coming out to our prayer camp and showing support. Creating awareness and having more people being involved is key.
What tribe are you part of?
I am Akimel O’otham (River People), Tohono O’otham (Desert People) and Pii-Posh (Maricopa). Settlers called us “pima” which most are familiar with. However, we do not like to be addressed as that. Our ancestral homelands expand from the outskirts of Mexico to south phoenix.
How long have you been involved at this level?
I have been involved with many things involving my community for number of years. Other communities as well. Voices have only gotten stronger due to the fact that corporations are moving earth and starting construction.
What do you want your fellow co-workers to better understand?
Not sure. I speak to people all the time. Different ideas and ways to help are always appreciated. Connections on how we can stop these issues are always helpful too. However, I do recommend understanding and learning about the area, take care of it. Respect it. We have so much around us that we have stories about that people do not understand. Tempe butte aka “A” mountain is one of the examples. Since ASU, U of A and many other colleges sit on our territory, most people do not understand that. It’s more than just a running trail. People would not be here, if it wasn’t for the loss of my ancestors. Sad, but true. That is why we protect our O’otham jeved (Land) as much as we can.
Where can we find information about the Native America Heritage Month or other programs?
They have it posted on the student and cultural engagement page. https://eoss.asu.edu/student-engagement/culture/native-american
If you want to know more about the ways you can help protect our mountain I’ll be more than happy to speak to you about it. We do have a facebook page called Moadag Thadiwa. Also you can follow our ahwatukee brothers and sisters who are also in the fight on facebook. It’s PARC (Protecting Arizona’s Resources and Children).

The Poolside
By: Vivek M.S.
I sit by the poolside, watching leaves swirling….
Just like dumbledore’s pensieve, my thoughts in torrents start gushing.

The sun’s hot outside, bouncing off the trees in a majestic green….
On festivals of rainy delight, the green transcends earthly beauty and
Becomes nature’s heavenly skin…

The birds chirp and so do their young ones…
Like music in silence they extol human virtue , even though they are not one.

Devoid of malice or prejudice does nature give and give…
Devour is all we do , both the queen , her progeny and of course , ourselves.

The meaning to this life escapes me …. And a stroll in the woods reminds me...
That the meaning is forever lost…but the humanity beneath it is immortal.
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