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Meet Megan...

No description

Fahlen Saxson

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Meet Megan...

Meet Megan...
The great outdoors!
Godmother to her niece.
Her favorite book is "It" by Stephen King.
A favorite special memory is when she visited Florida with her family.
An embarrassing memory for Megan is falling in Gym class.
Born in Stoughton, MA.
Loves English.
Grew up in Brockton, MA.
Hard worker.
Hates math!
Megan once dreamed of being an Anesthesiologist.
Easy to talk to!
Embarrassing secret...
Little Megan
and her three older brothers!
...is part of the elite few
who do not have a facebook.
[so no, you can't facebook stalk her.]
Megan loves Nsync.
Just kidding. But...
it was her first concert.
Megan will be the
in her family
to earn a college degree...
She does so in memory of
her late father.
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