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Gilgamesh Timeline

No description

April Gregory

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Gilgamesh Timeline

The Epic of Gilgamesh Timeline Gilgamesh is born He is born one third mortal and two thirds god. He is like a super human; strong, beautiful, and brave. He is King to Uruk, but a terrible and selfish king. Taking all the women he wants no matter who those women belongs to. The people of his city get fed up and ask the gods to help them take care of there problems...
So the God's created Enkidu ...to be Gilgamesh's match. In strength, in looks and in intelligence. To be the same yet opposites. Enkidu was born in the forest. He was a wild man, raised by the animals. Until he was discovered and they sent the Temple Harlot to seduce him. The harlot was successful and the animals rejected him, leaving him the only choice but to go and live with civilization. Gilgamesh and Enkidu Enkidu hears about Gilgamesh and how he takes any woman that tickles his fancy. So Enkidu find Gilgamesh in his normal deeds. Enkidu decides to stand up to him and stand in the way of the brides door and they began to fight. Where they continue to have a long fight and struggle, something that Gilgamesh isn't used to finding someone to match his strength. Finally Gilgamesh wins, and instead of Enkidu getting upset keep fighting back like the gods had hoped for, they become best friends. Even though Gilgamesh beat Enkidu, that gave Enkidu respect for Gilgamesh. Thus the beginning of a great friendship. Humbaba Gilgamesh gets restless and seeks out glory. So he suggests to go after the Guardian of the Cedar Forest, Humbaba!
Even though they are opposites, they balance each other out almost perfectly.
Throught out their adventure they keep each other going and keep their fear away from the other. Enough to conquer the beast! Ishtar After their fight Gilgamesh catches the eye of Ishtar. Ishtar desperately wants to marry Gilgamesh, however Gilgamesh does not share those same feelings and brutally denies her. She gets very upset and asks her father, Anu ( the Sky God) to send the Bull of Heaven to destroy Uruk. Goddess of Love The Bull of Heaven So Gilgamesh and Enkidu go to save their city. Enkidu was able to grab the bull, while Gilgamesh stabbed the bull in the throat, defeating it. Saving the city, but angering the gods. Enkidu dies
The gods decide to kill Enkidu because Gilgamesh is part god, and Enkidu is just part animal. Enkidu curses the Harlot that civilized him but then blesses her for bringing him to his frienship with Gilgamesh. As Enkidu gets dreams of the underworld he tells Gilgamesh not to die.
Gilgamesh mourns the death of his dearest friend and goes on a search for immortality. Utnapishtim is the only man, who is not part god, to be given immortality. Gilgamesh seeks out Utnapishtim to see if he can't help him avoid death. There he hears the story of a giant flood that only Utnapishtim and his family survived and the gods then granted him eternal life, so there is nothing that Utnapishtum can do for Gilgamesh. But Utnapishtim's wife takes pity on Gilgamesh and tells him about a plant that will make you young, but won't keep you from death.
But as Gilgamesh makes his way home, a snake steals his plant. A Realization Gilgamesh makes it home to Uruk. Once he sees his city he realizes that he has something close enough to immortality. His legacy is good enough for him. He finally comes to terms with who he is and goes on to live his life as a changed person that makes a better king.
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