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Until We Meet Again

No description

Duan C

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Until We Meet Again

Story , on trust , betrayal and dishonesty Until We Meet Again photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The theme of the story “Until We Meet Again” is you cant trust everyone or depend on someone to always be there . Throughout the book Darcy Wills experiences issues because she is facing some relationship, mental, and bad problems inside this story Until We Meet Again The first challenge Darcy faces is when her ex boyfriend Hakeem has to move away because his father is facing the first stages of cancer. Darcy is really sad because a lot of things in her life are not adding up. She meets a nice boy name Brian, who seems to help her with her recent problems. Challenges One word that describe’s Darcy is caring. I say this because throughout the book , she is always there for her mom , sister, grandmother, and father, she is always talking to her grandmother , who is very ill from having a stroke a while back , Darcy is always making sure her grandmother is cared for or never alone. Caring Sneaky is another word to describe Darcy. I say this because Darcy lied to her father and her mother, saying she was going to baby sit, when she was only going to see Brian. But everything went downhill when Brian started getting rough and started to lift her shirt trying to take it off , she says stop but he keeps going , so Darcy slaps him in the face , Brian begins to get angry . Gripping Darcy’s arm really hard, Darcy begins to scream, then a loud knock on the door start, before you know it Darcy’s father bust the door down. Charging for Brian, Telling him if he ever touches or talks to his daughter again he would hurt him. Sneaky But something very sad happens, Darcy’s elderly grandmother dies of old age. Everyone in the house is very sad and sobbing. Darcy’s parents plan a funeral, all of Darcy’s friends show up, even Hakeem, which makes Darcy very happy. Darcy did not tell anyone about, her altercation with Brian More Bad News In conclusion, I respected what Darcy’s father did, and I ask myself: What would have happened if Darcy’s father did not show up? Will she tell Hakeem? Will she tell anyone? What will her friends say? And I really hope they have a book where it shows Darcy telling her friends what happened with her and Brian. I Loved the book, every page was filled with juicy information and more drama each chapter. What I Imagine the Characters to look like
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