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WWE Ad Campaign

No description

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of WWE Ad Campaign

WWE Ad Campaign
Advertising to increase viewrship
Target audience is males 12-55
Females 12-55
bring recognition to the WWE network
Creative Brief

Address Nostalgia and celebrity endorsement
Catch old viewers attention and get them to subscribe to the network
Print Ad
• Picture of Daniel Bryan on side of a large building jumping off a ladder with arms spread out while The Rock is standing on the bottom of the ladder staring up. (Both in signature outfits/uniforms)
• In the middle of the ladder the caption would be “New School vs. Old School”
• Daniel Bryan “Believe in the Beard”
• The Rock “Do you smell what the rock is cooking?”

Celebrity endorsement
Creative Concept
Contact us
For contact purposes only
Jenna Barragan
Zach Cook
- zach.a.cook@gmail.com
Tanner Love
- lovetanner@yahoo.com
Luis Urena
- luisurena921@gmail.com
Jamie Murray
- jamilyn@csu.fullerton.edu
Two WWE wrestlers run into each other in a grocery store and are about to fight each other, to see how it ends tune into WWE Network.
Familiar faces were used to get the viewers attention and interest them in the product.
The viewer will want to subscribe to WWE Network for more entertainment.

An action shot of Daniel Bryant and The Rock fighting in the ring. (Never seen before) Caption: Must watch pure strength, power, and will.
WWE logo in the background with Bryant and The Rock posing with the caption saying "Please do not try this at home".
Split screen with The Rock carrying an opponent on this back. While the other part of the screen shows Bryant flipping over an opponent with the banner saying "First time ever seen On-Demand".
Wrestlers' names listed underneath
Watch Now
limited time only
instant opportunities to win
Register pieces online
When the customers fill up the board they win larger prizes
registers at least 5 stickers it will give them access to the WWE network free for a month

Back and forth between The Rock and Daniel Bryan, promoting a macth they will have on the WWE Network
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