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PLN Artifact: CEO of a Global Company

This is the CEO "pitch" for Personal Learning Networks in the organization. Input from: Helen Bunden, Cedric Borzee, Jennifer Rainey, Tanya Lau, and Shalinee Mattoo.

Jennifer Rainey

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of PLN Artifact: CEO of a Global Company


Cultivating personal connections
for purposeful development.

Data Never Sleeps
How much data is generated every minute?
Generate every minute...

48 hours of YouTube video
3,600 new Instagram photos
34,722 "likes" on Facebook for Brands and organizations
27,778 new posts on Tumblr
100,000+ tweets are sent
WHAT is a Personal Learning Network?
So WHY should we look at social learning?
WHAT do we need from you?
Over 2.1 billion internet users
“We are not talking about hanging out on Facebook...We are talking about social media here in the context of speed of sharing vital information that can be quickly utilized in a collaborative way for creating ideas and results.” ~ David Houle, CLO Magazine.
Imagine what we could accomplish if we had ready access to even 1% of that information in our organization!
A Personal Learning Network is...
A trusted network of people an individual connects with to ask and answer questions, exchange resources and ideas, solve problems, keep up to date with, and learn from each other. This may include people inside of, or outside of, the organization, who share personal and/or professional interests.
The Internet has become a place where massive amounts of information and data are being generated every day.
10-20% decrease in travel & communication costs
10% reduction in operational costs
10% increased revenue
18% higher customer satisfaction
25-30% faster access to expertise
30% increase in speed of access to knowledge
Which can lead to...
Better employee engagement...
Employees effective at critical peer interactions may be up to 66% more engaged than those who aren't.
Corporate Leadership Council, 2011
Dachis Group
"Organizations that leverage social learning opportunities appropriately create higher levels of engagement, promote deeper content understanding and develop professionals who understand the context of their learning," ~Stacey Harris, vice president of research and advisory services for Brandon Hall Group.
Randy Emelo, CLO Magazine, 2012
So WHERE do we start?
Map the existing organizational culture...
Who is already doing what?
Help leaders to become more conscious and intentional about their own PLNs by...

Helping them identify who is in their PLN and where and how they connect.
Supporting them to identify opportunities for extending the diversity of their PLNs.
Encouraging them to use social tools to make their PLNs more. transparent & visible to the whole organization and to start practicing open sharing with peers and employees.
Using company events as catalysts for introducing informal sharing to employees in the org – e.g. team days.
Re-engineer induction programs to focus on helping new employees develop their PLNs to resource relevant info at the point of need or to do their work more effectively, rather than just bombarding them with company policies and information.
Provide open access to the range of social networks that employees currently, already use.

Keep in mind that success won't happen overnight.
But as with any garden, with nurturing and proper attention, something bountiful will emerge.
Additional Resources
Helen Blunden post - https://plus.google.com/104968103398085556727/posts/fiu8RCPXXEV
Cedrick Borzee post - https://plus.google.com/111019354035500157177/posts/HG6vYGhK7jt
Tanya Lau - Google docs draft - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KoGuj9l7mnYvHNv7aBxPi2uoQE9f-cDk4YvILT_JldQ/edit?usp=sharing
Group discussion - https://plus.google.com/104968103398085556727/posts/ZQ6dvfAyzFU
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