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Barrier Islands

No description

Alani Boyd

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Barrier Islands

What are barrier Islands?
Horn Barrier Island
Barrier Islands are a long,thin piece of land that is surrounded by water. They are found all over the world. Barrier islands are a mix of tide pool ecosystems,and marsh ecosystems.
Where are they located?
Barrier Islands are located all around the world. The one we are working on is between the Gulf coast and Mississippi. It is called ¨Horn Island.¨
About it
Horn island is one of the five barrier islands that are between Mississippi and the Gulf coast. It is the largest out of them. Even though Horn island is the largest out of the five, it is long and slender,and not big.
What is it like?
Believe it or not, Horn Island has trees. They are pine ,oak,and mangrove trees. It has muddy marshes,lagoons, and ponds. The last hurricane took out a huge mass of pine trees! You might think that the dunes would be sugary-white like any other normal sand dunes but Horn Island's sand dunes aren't because of the horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
There are a good number of plants that live on Horn Island. They are cord grass,green algae,and sawgrass.
Some animals that live in horn island are fiddler crabs,and ospreys
A little about Horn Island's History
The French claimed islands for France in the early l7O0's. People assume that Horn Island got it's name when a sailor lost it's powder horn(a glass case made from the horn of a cow with gun powder inside) on that land.
Interesting Moment
In the picture you're going to see next, there is a butterfly "resting" on the sand. Maria Hornsby took the picture to the island in 2011.
We're wondering how Maria took the photo without disturbing the butterfly. What do you think?
Some elements that make up the inside of Horn Island.
Umm, yeah we think this Prezi 's over.
What changed Horn Island ?
What really changed Horn Island was the oil spill. It killed a bunch of animals. That really caused the population to decrease. Luckily,we found a way to clean it up ,and now the ecosystem is back to normal. The population might have even increased a little.
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