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Ancient Egyptian Theatre

No description

Kaliyah Porter

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Theatre

Ancient Egyptian Theatre
The History
While we are taught in history that the Greeks originally were the inventors of theatre, it is led to believe that the ancient Egytians preceded them in the performance of shows.
Worships To The Gods
The people of ancient Egypt worshipped a God through their plays that went by the name of Abydos. The Abydos passion play was discovered from the Pyramid Texts. The passion play was a yearly ritual performed until 400 BCE. The play would depict the slaying of the god Osiris and his followers and his brother Seth.
Abydos' Relevancy to Passion Plays
The Osirian mysteries were among the most important public displays. The main roles possibly played by priestly actors who wore masks, representations of the gods they incorporated, and extras who were members of the public. Abydos specifically was an important center of these activities. These performances were the start of passion plays.
In Ancient Egyptian theatre, costumes are often based on the land of the pharaoh. Costumes included:
Egyptian tunics
Head Dresses
Types of Plays
The Abydos Passion Plays
The Osiris Passion Play
Medical Plays
Heb Sed Play
Ra Plays
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