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Rick & Morty

No description

Matthew Moceikis

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Rick & Morty

Rick Sanchez & The Smith Family
Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland
Creator of "Community"
College dropout
performed stand up comedy and sketch comedy during his late teens and twenties
Worked with Harmon before on Channel 101 and The Sarah Silverman Program
Liberal will often sneak his world views out through Ricks Character
Long time voice actor, was the voice of Lemongrab in Adventure Time
Creator of the show
Also agnostic with strong liberal views is not afraid to be politically incorrect
Producer Perspective
Producer's current view of Hollywood
Animation allows the show to contain the otherwise not possible interdenominational chase scenes
Majority of the show is shot using the medium shot containing both rick and Morty, other common shots are long shots, pans and over the shoulder shots are commonly used when Rick is speaking
Real American Family
Power Structure
It can be viewed as a very narcissist show because Rick largely only cares about himself and Morty, He doesn't even seem to care about the rest of his family
Work cited
Animation also makes the dark humor of the show appropriate to laugh at
Rick & Morty is created with both hand drawn animations and recycled drawings stored on animation software to speed up the animation process
Also makes normally sad situations seem funny
50's Sc-Fi music is often played in cut-aways to keep the viewer feeling creeped out
Failing marriage, Depressed sister, Alcoholic grandfather and Morty himself is failing all his classes
Assertive mother and possess the most common sense in the family
Weak, unemployed father who is hated by his father in law Rick
Just a normal well mannered kid who gets dragged along on his grandfathers crazy adventures
Smartest man in the universe, see's everything for what its and most likely knows the meaning to life.. which drives him to drink
Rick views everyone's existence meaningless besides his own, producers often speak through his character
Rick hates Jerry so much it often has an impacted on Ricks decision making
Beth is the only character that can stop Rick from going on crazy adventures
Summer is a smug teenager, who forces her self along on adventures with Rick
Morty is absolutely helpless and is always dragged along on Ricks adventures
Voice of reason, very anti-establishment, sends liberal messages
Morty- innocent, dumb, can't speak for himself unless his life depends on it
Jerry- Capitalist business man, by the book, also dumb
Beth- strong women, loving mother, nurse
Summer- conformist teen, just wants to fit in, depressed about her life
All the main character's are white their are only two re-occurring minority characters the mailman and the Jock at Morty's school
The show constantly makes use of simple solutions to complex problems for example Rick and Morty destroy the reality they lived in. So to fix the problem they traveled to the next most similar reality of their own and kill the versions of themselves living within that reality and replace them
Adalian, Josef. “Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty Is a Ratings Hit” vulture. January 28 2014. http://www.vulture.com/2014/01/dan-harmon-rick-and-morty-ratings-hit.html
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“Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland talk RICK & MORTY at Comic-Con”
“SDCC 2013 | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim”
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