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Water for Elephants Miriam Palacios padilla 1ºZ

No description

Beatriz Palacios

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Water for Elephants Miriam Palacios padilla 1ºZ

Water for Elephants
Jacob Jankowski
Jacob Jankowski is the main character. He is studying to become a vet at university. After a freak accident, starts working in a traveling circus
Marlena is August's wife and the star performer in the Benzini Brothers Circus.
August is Marlena's husband and the circus boss.
The first friend Jacob makes after he jumped on the train. Camel tries to keep Jacob away from the trouble happening all around them and give him tips on who to stay away from and how to handle things as a new member to the circus life.
In April 2011, Water For Elephants was a box office hit. On it's opening weekend, it made $16,842,353 and it's total domestic gross totaled to $58,709,717. Water for Elephant's overall worldwide gross reached an outstanding $116,809,717!
As Jacob began his journey walking his way to Albany in search for work, he notices a train coming. In hopes that it would bring him somewhere worthwhile to start a new life, he catches hold of the train and jumps on. Little does he know, this train is a lively, bustling, famous-traveling circus train that would change his life forever.
Along the way, Jacob learns the importance of friendship, love, hatred life, difficulty and happiness in one's search for something spectacular.
Movie Clip
Professional Review
"The pages of Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen burst with rich descriptions and action. You will be [intrigued] by the world of ringmasters, elephants and side shows and [lets not forget the romance journey between Jacob and Marlena]. You will also experience the world of nursing homes and old age [while going back and forth between the past and present]. You will not want to put Water for Elephants down, and when it is over, you will [definitely] want more." - Erin Callazo Miller
Personal Reviews
Overall, I thought the book was very captivating and it herd by interest. Whatever I was reading, I never wanted to put the book down because it was so good. The power of love between the characters gave them guidance throughout the book which can also give other readers hope id they are ever going through a hard time
I like how Gruen used consistent flash backs that allowed Jacob to tell his reoccuring memories to help get a better understanding to the base of the story. It keeps you on edge, always wanting to know what is going to happen next. The complexed love that the characters share dragged me in to keep reading. I never wanted to put the book down. Sara Gruens detail helped create a visual story; one that can make you feel like you are standing right in the center of it all. The fight for the hidden lovers is what pulls the reader in; you want to know if they will ever really be together.
Water for Elephants was definitely added to my list of "favorite books". The way Sara Gruen uses Jacob's flash backs and memories to tell the story is a unique tactic that most authors don't use. You are able to read about Jacob and how he is living in the present while living in a nursing home and then quickly, it changes to how he lived and dealt with his ups and downs while working in a circus. It is a great book that shows the true meanings of love, compassion and struggle in ones life.
Sources & Work Cited
Google Images
Miller, Erin Callazo. "Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen- Book Review." Water for Elephants. By Sara Gruen. N.p.: n.p., n.d. N. pag. About.com. Web. 29 May 2013. <http://bestsellers.about.com/od/fictionreviews/gr/water_elephants.htm>.
The movie takes place in a circus, and tells the story of a young vet and a married woman who keeps a relationship behind her husband.
Jacob is a 23 year old about to finish the veterinary college, which receives the unexpected news of the death of their parents.

Main characters
The beautiful 54 year old elephant is the new star of the circus.
Jacob meets circus workers and joins them as a vet.
The movie takes place in a circus, and tells the story of a young vet and a married woman who keep a relationship behind her husband. This leads to the greatest circus disasater in history.
one day the star of the show, gets ill and has to be sacrificed
August discovers his romance and dismisses Jacob. Things in the circus go from bad to worse and Marlena is no longer comfortable with her ​​husband. Jacob suggested Marlena to went away together to another place and get away from the circus, but she doesn't accept.
At the end of the film show him as old man again and tell that they stayed with Rosie, looked after various animals, and the had 5 children. Marlena died a few years later, then Jacob asks for work in the circus, because he realizes that the circus its his true home.
Jacob returns to look for Marlene. August look for Jacob among people to try to kill him. August hits Marlena and Jacob gets to leave, but the circus owner concentrates on her and throws her to the ground, choking her to nearly kill her. Rosie realizes the situation and hits August so strongly that kills him.

Although the disaster, now Jacob and Marlene can start a safety relationship together
Rosie comes to the circus. Little by little Marlena begins to strengthen ties with Jacob.
The Plot
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