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My Family Tree

No description

Ariana Wilson

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family.
Ariana Adeline Wilson
Born August 19, 1997 in Calgary, Alberta
Born November 21, 1999 in Calgary, Alberta
Lachlan Stewart Wilson
Kristen Victoria Wilson
Born May 8, 1993 in Calgary, Alberta
William Percy Wilson
Born March 17, 1958 in Sherbrooke, Quebec
Susan Gail Wilson
Born October 3, 1962 in Calgary, Alberta
Ronald Barrie Jones
Born September 17, 1931 in North Vancouver, BC
Marjorie Jones (Sailer)
Born November 3, 1935 in Medicine Hat, Alberta
Bruce Andrew Jones
Born September 15, 1964 in Calgary, Alberta
Janet Louise Jones (Binnion)
Steven Gregory Jones
Born October 3, 1971 in Calgary, Alberta
Tracie Wowchuck
Jaeden Alisandra Jones
Gavin Michael Jones
Sylvia Olive Sailer (Laing)
Born 1915, in Manitoba
Rudolph Sailer
Born 1911, in Medicine Hat, Alberta
Elizabeth Sailer (Hehr)
Frederich Sailer
Anna Barbara Hehr (Goehner)
Johann Georg Hehr
Christine Sailer (Goehner)
Frederich Sailer
Katharina Goehner (Widmer)
Michael Goehner
Jakobine Hehr (Feige)
Johannes Hehr
Anna Barbara Goehner (Widner)
Andreas Goehner
Friedericka Sailer (Haag)
Christian Sailer
Audrey Jewett Jones (Gregory)
Born June 4, 1910 in Frederickton, New Brunswick
Muriel Leslie Dulmage (Gregory)
Born March 15, 1909
Margaret Doris McCutcheon (Gregory)
Born December 3, 1913
Richard St. Julien
Born January 22, 1920 in Calgary, Alberta.
Air observer for the RCAF. Died April 3, 1942, plane flew into the ground over England. Burried in All Saints' Church, Middleton Stoney (plot 2 row G grave 14)
John Gwilym Jones
Born 1900, in Wales. Immigrated to Canada to find work. He died of tuberculosis in 1945.
Faye Gregory (Jewett)
Born November 1, 1884 in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Died October 6, 1960 in New Westminster, BC
Richard Alexander
Born January 17, 1872 in Aldernay, UK (on a boat near Channel Islands). Died October 1, 1956 in Surrey, BC
Kate Jewett (Long)
James Jewett
Jane Long (Garden)
Richard Long
Hannah Jewett (Wiswell)
Moses Jewett
Anna Georgiana
Jones (Hughes)
John Griffth
Anna was John's second wife. His first wife had died when she fell down the stairs and broke her neck.
Margaret Hughes (Trow)
John Hughes
John Jones
The Sailer family moved from Germany to Russia when Catherine the Great brought farmers from the Volga region of Germany to help increase food production in Russia (where she was living with her husband, Peter III of Russia).
Richard William Gregory
Elizabeth Jennette Campbell
Verlie Winnefred Wilson (Miller)
Born August 14, 1912 in Westville, Nova Scotia. Died November, 2010, 98 years old
Percy Fayette
Born October 1, 1912 in North Hatley, Quebec. Died in 1990.
Wendy Isabel Williams (Wilson)
Born April 15, 1953 in Sherbrooke, Quebec
Alfred Robert Williams
Zachary Williams
Lea Shull (Williams)
Eric Shull
Jonathan Williams
Faye Evadna Hougaz
Born October 12, 1949 in Sherbrooke, Quebec
Roger Hougaz
Campbell (Hougaz)
Reese Campbell
Parker Campbell
Gigi Hougaz
Gary Fellows
Alana Fellows
Garison Fellows
Robert Alex Stewart Miller
Born January 4, 1918 in Eureka, Nova Scotia. Died June 4, 2009 in Truro, Nova Scotia.
John Charles
Judson Miller
Born March 13, 1921 in Eureka, Nova Scotia
William Henry
Born June 17, 1915 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Doris Lillian Christina MacRae (Miller)
Born March 7, 1914 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Died in 1961.
Isabel Miller (Haggart)
Born in 1888 in Westville, Nova Scotia. Died in 1937 in Westville, NS.
Malcom Miller
Born August 17, 1876 on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Died in 1948.
Jordie Haggart
John Haggart
Mary Ann Haggart (Stewart)
George Haggart Sr.
Christina Miller (MacQuarrie)
William Miller
Maria Laurence Miller (Renouf)
William Ernest Miller Sr.
Born in 1791 in Ayreshire, Scotland. He was the first Presbyterian Minister on Cape Breton Island in 1821. Died 1870 in Mabou, Nova Scotia. (1786-1861?)
Lots more children: Isabel Miller, Suzanne Miller, Louise Miller, Mary Miller, and Donald Miller
Emma Permelia Wilson
Born March 4, 1917 in North Hatley, Quebec. Died April 5, 2006.
Gladys Wilson (MacRae)
Died July 26, 2006
Ralph MacRae
Born in North Hatley, Quebec. Died in Hamilton, Ontario.
David Monroe Wilson
Born October 1, 1912 in North Hatley, Quebec. Died in 2000.
Evelyn Wilson (McClary)
Stewart William Wilson
Born February 27, 1910 in North Hatley, Quebec. Died July 23, 1966.
Evadna Theresa Wilson (Mathews)
Born in 1877. In the nursing program in the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Died in 1943.
Percy Hunt Wilson
Born March 14, 1876 in Moe's River, Quebec. Died in 1970 in Oshawa, Ontario. Buried December 17, 1970.
Mary Permelia Wilson (Graves)
David Monroe Wilson
Born March 17, 1840 in Bradford, Vermont
Effie Cornelia Harrison (Wilson)
Born January 6, 1881. Died May 22, 1914. Buried in Moe's River, Quebec.
Ernest G Harrison
Julia Agnes Hyatt (Wilson)
Born September 18, 1878. Died November 19, 1931.
Allen S Hyatt
Mary Elphreda Luce (Wilson)
Born February 17, 1872
Fredrick J Luce
May E Wilson (Mathews)
Henry Earl
Born April 19, 1884
Emma Mathews (Weeks)
Robert William Mathews
Sarah H Graves (Hills)
Isaac Graves
Fanny Wilson (Rogers)
Born in 1805. Died in 1870.
David Wilson
Born January 31, 1800 in Bradford, Vermont. Died December 29, 1889.
Jessie Miller (Russell)
Rudolph Sailer was the youngest of 12 children. He was the only one born in Canada (the others were born in Russia). 4 of his siblings died in childhood.
Sylvia was the oldest of nine children. Her two youngest siblings are still alive (my great great Aunt and Uncle).
John met Audrey when they were in Calgary. Her father, who worked for Canadian Pacific Railway, moved her family by train to North Vancouver. John followed but because he had little money, he stowed away onto a freight car and came out that way. Later they went down to Bellingham and eloped (got married without permission). He later became a Justice of the Peace in North Vancouver.
David Monroe Wilson (my great great grandfather), Percy Hunt Wilson (my great grandfather), Henry Earl Wilson (my great great uncle), and Mary Permelia Wilson (my great great grandmother). By the family house in North Hatley, Quebec.
Henry Earl Wilson, Mary Elphreda Luce (Freda), Percy Hunt Wilson, Julia Agnes Hyatt,
David Monroe Wilson, Mary Permelia Wilson, and Effie Cornelia Harrison
David Monroe Wilson was Percy Fayette Wilson's (my grandfather's) identical twin brother. David was always called Monroe within the family so he wasn't confused with his grandfather, aslo named David Monroe Wilson.
Reverend William Miller 1791-1870
Evadna Theresa Mathews's nursing class
Susan Wilson (my mom), Bill Wilson (my dad), Kristen Wilson (my sister), Lachlan Wilson (my brother), me, Janet Jones (my Aunt), and Bruce Jones (my Uncle) and Ruby (my dog). :)
Born 1804 in Nova Scotia.
"Mount Royal. 11 months old.
The Property of D. M. Wilson & Son. Western View Farm Competion P. Q."
This is a photo of my great great grandfather (David Monroe Wilson) and his two sons (Percy Hunt Wilson and Henry Earl Wilson).
This is my grandparents Percy Fayette and Verlie Winnefred Wilson and my two Aunts Faye Evadna and Wendy Isabel.
Gladys Wilson (MacRae) was Ralph MacRae's sister.
Born December 22, 1842 in Bramshaw, Hampshire, UK. He was in the British Army and was stationed all over the UK, Eastern Canada, Ireland, and Malta. He died January 15, 1923 in Fredericton, New Brunswick of Myocarditis and injuries from the Halifax Disaster (injured and lost and eye). He is buried in Fredericton Rural Cemetery (Section 3 row 5 number 3).
Born April 3, 1842 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Died November 10, 1922 in Fredericton, NB of paralysis following hemorrhage of brain. She is buried with her husband in Fredericton Rural Cemetery (section 3 row 5 number 3).
Alexander Campbell
Born in Scotland
Margaret Campbell (Magee)
Born in Belfast, Ireland
Mary Gregory
Henry Gregory
Christened June 28, 1818 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, UK.
Richard and Elizabeth also had many more children: Amy May (1868 Canada - 1869 Cork, Ireland), Lavinia Sarah (1869 Youghal, Ireland - 1954 Fredericton, NB), Richard Alexander (shown below), Bessie Jane (1874 Aldershot, UK - 1961 Saint John, NB), William Henry (1876 Southampton, UK - 1961 Yuma, AZ), Beatrice Violet (1877 Southampton, UK - 1936 Fredericton, NB), Frank Kenneth (1881 Isle of Wight, UK - 1907 Fredericton, NB), Margaret May (1884 Isle of Wight, UK - 1906 Fredericton, NB), Leonard Bruce (1888 Fredericton, NB - 1889 Fredericton, NB), and adopted children: Grace Jones (born 1893 UK) and Edward J Jones (born 1895 UK).
~Crew: 4
~Length: 53 ft 7 in (16.33 m)
~Wingspan: 69 ft 2 in (21.08 m)
~Height: 14 ft 4 in (4.37 m)
~Empty weight: 11,780 lb (5,344 kg)
~Loaded weight: 18,756 lb (8,508 kg)
~Engines: Twin 980 hp (730 kW) Bristol Pegasus XVIII 9-cylinder radial engines
~Maximum speed: 265 mph (410 km/h) at 15,500 ft (4,724 m)
~Range: 1,095 miles (1,762 km)
~Service ceiling: 19,000 ft (5,790 m)
~Rate of climb: 980 ft/min (300 m/min)
This is the type of plane Richard St. Julien Gregory flew when he was in the RCAF.
This is a report of one of the planes that crashed during training in the RCAF. It shows all the crew members that died, their families and their places of burial. One of them is Richard St. Julien Gregory (my great great Uncle).
This is a diploma presented to "D. M. Wilson" (my great great grandfather).
Ronald Barrie Jones (my Grandfather) and his brother Bill, were put into a tuberculosis quarantine building for a year, until they were deemed uninfected. They were only young teenagers.
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