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TH Media - Digital Marketing Launch

No description

Tiffany Kuehn

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of TH Media - Digital Marketing Launch

Digital Marketing Launch LESSONS LEARNED LONG
STRATEGY LAUNCH MILESTONES OUR LAUNCH PLAN RESEARCH Industry Affiliations Other Newspapers Full Digital Agencies Questions? VENDOR EVALUATION Leverage your brand.
Package vs. Full Ala Carte Service?
Figure out where digital fits in your market
and target the right customer.
Customer service must be a key component .
Print-focused sales reps outnumber digital-focused reps by about 3-1. Manage customer's expectations, show tangible.
Manage the customer’s expectations.
Sell audience and content, NOT Technology.
Identify clients that are ready.
Ideal clients have started the conversation in-house.
Requires a detailed assessment of the existing digital assets on the client side.
Implement a digital culture within sales. Increase print rep's digital literacy.
Don’t move dollars.
The average client is paying for at least two different tiers of service.
Monthly spending average is $400-$1,000/month. 
Contract renewals are opportunity. INDUSTRY AFFILIATIONS NEWSPAPERS AGENCIES & VENDORS Planning & Targeting Prospecting & Meeting Setup Needs Assessment Proposing Closing Fulfillment Account Management Speed to Market
Low Cost Start Up
Agency Model
Launch Support
Fulfillment Services
Client Ownership
Customer Service Sales Training/Collateral
Social Media/Digital
Marketing Seminars
Assist Marketing Efforts
New Product Introductions
White Label Branding Go to Market Strategy
Launch Milestones
Plans & Deliverables
Launch Budget
Support Plan
Risk with Launch
Launch Communications
Appendices LAUNCH
OBJECTIVES Initial Presentations Establish Position in the Market Increase Perception of Market Leadership LAUNCH METRICS WHAT TO SELL WCI mission and core principles
Target portfolio is a balanced mix of print & digital
Integrated marketing solutions
Market-driven solutions WHO TO SELL TO Businesses not currently advertising in print
Businesses who want a partner not just a vendor
Businesses who need help managing digital marketing so they can manage their business HOW TO SELL Consultative selling
Clear positioning and messaging
Power of leverage
Priming the pump OVERVIEW Research Lessons Learned Vendor Evaluation Our Launch Plan Leverage your brand.
Package vs. Full Ala Carte Service?
Figure out where digital fits in your market
and target the right customer.
Customer service is a key component.
Print-focused sales representatives outnumber digital-focused reps by about 3-1. Pre-Planning Marketing Local Launch Functional Areas
Digital Core Team (Tier One)
Audience Development
Sales (Tiers Two & Three)
Executive Leadership BUDGET PLANS & DELIVERABLES Vendor Travel for Launch/Training
Client Invites
Launch Event Food and Drink
Seminars PRICING/BUNDLE PACKAGING Fixed-Fee Model Consistent and Predictable Revenue
Long-Term Contracts
vs. One-Time Spends Large spending or budget changes may require renegotiating fees
Questions may arise about whether or not the account staff is working sufficiently or enough hours.
Higher volume and lower margins make operational efficiencies critical Other Considerations for Pricing: Special pricing or incentives associated with the launch or seminars?
Digital spend will qualify toward a client's contract -- How will this effect the reps? SUPPORT PLAN What are the support requirements necessary for this launch? What's the training schedule look like? We will create a plan for support! RISK Delaying the Launch Rushing the Launch More competition
If we are late to market, our clients will have time to commit to other providers
Lose ground on perception of TH Media as the market leader. Appearing "green"
Not having enough to offer
Not setting optimal price points/packages
Not providing enough sales training LUANCH COMMUNICATIONS Matching Products to Market Needs
Clear Positioning and Messaging
Setting Clear Launch Goals
Power of Leverage
Priming the Pump
Timing of the Launch Metrics Communication Plan APPENDICIES Key sources
Competitive background information
Target customer profiles
Feature/function/benefit table
Glossary LAUNCH
MILESTONES Select Vendor Local Business
Launch Pre-Planning Marketing Sales Training
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