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Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Project use only (:

Jerica M

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Text-to-World Connection
One text-to-world connection I made in the story revolved around an issue our world is facing today, child abuse.
Character Description of Caitlin
- Protagonist

Caitlin's motivation is to define herself and be her own person. Since she was little, her older sister Cass was the one who got all the attention and 1st place ribbons. She's tired of being a little sister and living in her perfect sister's shadow. So she follows her own path, whether or not it leads her in the right direction..
Physical Traits
- 16 years old

- She looks so much like her sister that they could be mistaken as twins

- She has a round face, dark eyes and brown hair
- Universal Setting since there's no specific time, year or place
- Takes place somewhere in the United States (not specified) in a small town called Lakeview
- Very modern
Personality Traits:
- She's quite a talented photographer

- She`s the type of person who is calm and laid-back
- Kind of quiet and doesn`t know how to speak out
- Lacks confidence in herself
- A some-what good liar
- Has moments when shes independent and makes her own choices

The choices she makes throughout the book have consequences that make her go through things no 16 year old should ever experience..

Caitlin changes drastically throughout the book in both a good and bad way.

- She starts out very dependent on her sister, seeing her as a role model or an expectation she will eventually meet.

- But as she begins to grow, she follows herself instead of listening to what everyone else wants her to be and does her own thing.

- This makes her a dynamic character!
Character Development
Type of Conflict
Character vs. Self & Character vs. Character
Caitlin vs. Herself
Main Problem: Caitlin struggles with trying to find herself after spending most of her life trying to live up to her sister's standards. But after her sister runs away from home, she feels lost and has no path to follow.
Caitlin vs. Rogerson

During the rising action there's one point where Caitlin meets this boy named Rogerson Biscoe. At first, he comes off as that boy who every girl dreams about having. But after they start dating (event that effects the subplot), what Caitlin thought was an escape from all her problems is now her biggest obstacle yet.
Point of View
- First person/Limited
- From Caitlin's point of view and what she goes through along the way
- Caitlin's bestfriend (known each other since 7th grade)

- Mismatched as friends (total opposite of each other)

- Her parents are divorced and is now living with step dad #3
Supporting Character: Rina
Personality Traits
- Had a reputation of being very popular and a 'boyfriend stealer'
- Thought of as pushy by other girls
- Fun
- Strong
- Fiercely loyal
Physical Traits
- flat-out gorgeous
- tall/perfect-figure
- strawberry-blond curls
- huge blue eyes
- full lips
- heart-shaped face
Rina is a static and round character because she doesn't change throughout the story but is described in great detail.
Would I Recommend This Book?
Yes, I would definitely recommend this book to grade 9 students because:
- it's different and stands out in ways you wouldn't expect from a Sarah Dessen book (girly, boy-meets-girl)

- It's filled with countless plot twists and parts where its hard to read, emotionally (easy to connect with)

& What I loved most about reading this book is that the title doesn't give away the story inside!
In the book, Rogerson's father hits
him across the head for coming home a little too late.
Sadly, around 3.3 million children around the world younger than 15 years old have this as their reality. 16.6% were determined to be victims of physical abuse.
How Does Setting Affect Mood?
How the setting affects mood is the way it is being described to you. For example, when the author was trying to exaggerate on a very emotional scene, she described what the weather like (raining) with similes and metaphors. This gave that specific part of the story a dark and serious mood.
Here's a short sneak peak/book trailer for you guys!
Caitlin is a plausible and round character!
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