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Justin McGraw

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Baka is a group of hunter-gatherers who live in the African rainforest.

Baka are small people, less than 5 ft. tall.

Children use catapults to kill lizards and birds to be eaten. Baka also eat caterpillars.
Where the Bakas' climate is very wet it gets lots of rain
Climate of the Baka

Tropical rainforests have no summer or winter. It is hot and wet throughout the year.

The African rainforst receives about 63-79 inches of rain each year.

The temperature usually stays around 80 degrees and it is humid.
Baka live in huts called "mongolu".

Mongolus are made by cutting tree branches
and layering them in an igloo shape.

The Baka then cover the branches with
banana plant leaves, which are waterproof.
There are so many animals in the rainforest, biologists have a hard time identifying them all.

A four mile area could have 400 different species of birds, 150 species of butterflies, and 60 species of lizards and reptiles.

There are elephants, monkeys, hippos, gorillas, parrots, and some of the biggest snakes in the world.
Rainforest vegetation
There are about 800 plant species.

Leaves can be used for dinner leaves or rooftops.

Bark from the mahogany tree can be used to treat colds.

How the Baka live
Baka treat the forest with many respects.

The Baka consider the forests a living being. The land is sacred.

They do not wear much. Most of what they wear is made of palm trees.
How do the Baka people adapt to there habitat and what do they wear for clothing
They adapt to there habitat?
The Baka people have to find things to keep predators out of thier houses and they move when they need to. They trade with the local villagers when they need different things.
Baka people traditions
Music is a large part of their lives, They traded Bantu for instruments like harps, drums and other things.
Rite of passage for young males - summon Jengi who kills the boy and returns him as an adult male.
Baka women built huts and the men hunted.
The Baka tribe
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