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Valletta Tornado

No description

Hait Ali

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Valletta Tornado

Hait Ali
Science Per.2 Valletta Tornado Valletta Tornado Facts The Valletta Tornado was a tornado that hit the Grand Harbour of Malta on September 23rd 1551. Although it began as a watersprout, which usually appears as a funnel-shaped cloud that starts on water, it destroyed a shipping armada and killed at least 600 people. The Valletta Tornado destroyed the area of Grand Harbour Malta. It picked up and threw ships ready to sail and harmed many people. It starting on water, gave it an advantage against the town. with the water and its very intense strength, it turned the whole town, upside down. Area Destroyed The deadliest cyclone of this age touched down as a waterspout in the Grand Harbour of Malta.
Before making landfall it destroyed an entire armada of ships that was docked and waiting to sail into battle. At least 600 died
It was easily the oldest tornado to cause massive damage and claim a high number of lives, the Valletta, Malta, Tornado killed over 600 when it struck the Grand Harbour of Malta.
As the tornado took place so long ago, sources are conflicting regarding when the tornado actually hit with September 23, 1951, and 1956 both being reported.
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