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USBI Degree Programs

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Ben Vatterott

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of USBI Degree Programs

Bachelor of
Art, Design and
Media Bachelor of
Science Bachelor of
Education Applied Physics . Applied Mathematics . Computer Games Technology . Food Science and Technology . Information Security . Mobile Communication Technology . Technology for Digital Communities* . Accounting Marketing Management Food Business Management General Management The USBI Applied Mathematics Program is an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree program that encompasses several real-world applications of mathematics and integrates practical areas of computing. Graduates adept in data analysis, problem solving using mathematics, and programming are in high demand.

Students will learn computational applications of mathematics and how to apply to them to fields such as finance, simulation and modeling, information security, game theory, and combinatorial mathematics. Through industrial placement and hands-on projects, students will pursue their own specific areas of expertise. Graduates will enter practical fields such as finance, operations research, and government, and provide solutions to challenges in their chosen field. Click here! Management Convergence Journalism* . Creative Design and Media . English Language Teaching Mathematics Education Fashion and Textile Design . Social & Environmental Design . Film, Video and Photography . Banking Management Finance Management As technology advances, science and engineering become increasingly interdisciplinary. New fields and industries emerge as commercial and industrial applications of both existing and new technology multiply. The USBI Applied Physics program trains students to navigate this shifting tech-scape through a deep understanding of the fundamentals of physics.

Applied Physics students will focus on practical applications of physics in emerging technologies, creating tools that provide solutions to many modern challenges. Students will engage in hands-on projects to study fields such as nanotechnology, microelectronicmechanical systems (MEMS), smart materials, and wireless sensor technologies.

Graduates of the USBI Applied Physics program will
continue to a wide variety of careers in the fields of
engineering, medical physics, robotics, and more. Click here! Computer games are a multibillion-dollar industry and continue to grow. Games have increased in complexity and interactivity while the gaming industry expands, creating more and more demand for individuals with skills in game design. Business Insights projects that the Asia-Pacific region will soon become the video game market leader in both growth and market share.

The USBI Computer Games Engineering program uses the latest graphics and 3D visualization technology in approaching the entire game creation process, so that students gain insight into every aspect of game design. Students will explore computer architecture, design and visualization, human-computer interaction, machine learning, and artificial intelligence through hands-on projects and field experience. Graduates of the program will be equipped with the skills to design and create the systems, graphics, and narratives for the next generation of digital games. Click here! The food industry in Indonesia is rapidly growing, with branded and high-quality products in high demand. The USBI Food Science and Technology program takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine the products and processes that drive the industry, while encouraging students to develop a long-term perspective that incorporates the changing pressures facing Indonesia’s food supply-chain.

Comprehensive in scope, the program builds upon the foundation of food science and technology with product development and design, law and legislation, and the impact of food science and technology methods on food reserves. Through hands-on projects and field experience, students will explore their professional interests and goals, leading to employment in a variety of sectors including business, government, and health. Click here! In today’s digitized society, the need to ensure the security of digital information is more important than ever. Increasingly, sensitive information such as medical records, banking details, employee records and other personal data are all potentially vulnerable. Businesses, organizations, and institutions recognize this need, making information security professionals a valuable asset in any professional setting. USBI Information Security students will develop expertise on known hacking and exploit methods as well as preventive and counteractive techniques. They will develop skills from a variety of disciplines including cryptography and digital forensics. The program includes substantial hands-on lab time, ensuring that students have the practical skills they need for many exciting career opportunities such as network engineering or systems analysis. Click here! Mobile devices are transforming the way we live—from the way we interact with each other to the way we access information—and consuming established markets in the process. Opportunities abound for those with the skills to take advantage of this dynamic market and its growing possibilities.

The USBI Mobile Communication Technology program applies the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science that are directly related to mobile networks and devices. Students will study mobile networks, web services, security techniques, and human-computer interaction. Through hands-on projects, students learn how to develop and create their own apps, games, and mobile enterprises. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and flexibility to adjust to the changing nature of mobile technologies. Click here! New Program
Fall 2014 This concentration acknowledges the rich heritage of textile design in Indonesia and seeks to build new technological approaches that will further enhance the textile design craft in the professional arena while upholding traditional values. By intersecting rural and urban approaches, Fashion and Textile Design embraces the artistry of traditional crafts while supporting and developing local cultures and techniques with breakthrough technologies. Students will look to the past for inspiration while developing a personal vision and mastering the latest textile equipment. Fashion and Textile Design is an exciting and challenging program that encompasses a wide range of creative disciplines: print for interior spaces, fabric design, product and homeware design, and accessories design, among many others. Through consumer content and online platforms, the nature of film, video, and photography is changing, offering new opportunities for emerging artists. Students joining this concentration will be a part of a community that experiments with a variety of genres to create visually articulate photographs and videos. This community prepares students with the technical skills they need and emphasizes aesthetics, personal expression, and conceptual engagement. Through documentary and creative storytelling, visual landscapes and a new generation of tools and equipment, students will weave narratives that highlight social issues. Students will engage with industry and enhance their professional skills with industry projects and internships. Click here! Graduates of this concentration will design social and environmental solutions to many of the pressing needs of our society. Students will develop an ability to produce sustainable, energy-efficient technology in all design projects and outcomes to address the needs of Indonesia. Social and Environmental Design is edgeless in scope and includes architectural and interior design, urban planning and design, historical preservation, landscape architecture, and the social and emotional contexts of design. The program focuses on interactive, action-based learning, developing in students the practical skills and strategic thinking required for facing the ecological, economic and social challenges of the 21st Century. Click here! Students will study money and banking as it relates to financial markets. The program prepares students to understand the financial market’s impact on interest rates. Graduates will understand and assess different kinds of assets as well as the role of central banks and how they relate to the economy as a whole. Curriculum includes both theory and practical experience to help students seek managerial positions in commercial banks and other financial institutions. Click here! This program prepares finance officers, analysts, planners, and advisors to meet the needs of a variety of employers: banks, corporations, insurance agencies, brokerage firms, and small, local enterprises. Students learn the operations of financial markets and how to make effective financial decisions and investments. Click here! The food industry in Indonesia is rapidly evolving. The curriculum stresses a macro-approach to the food industry and how it relates to economic, social, and health sectors. Students will initiate food-related business plans and operations to develop the Indonesian economy as the industry transitions from exporting raw, bulk foods to value-added food products. Click here! The General Management concentration draws upon a wide range of disciplines to prepare students for management positions in any context. General Management students will develop a sound understanding of the dynamic processes of an organization and how to manage the relationship between an organization and its environment. Click here! A successful marketing strategy considers how customer preferences change and evolve and how an organization can influence them. The program prepares students to successfully address and respond to consumer needs and behavior. Students gain practical experience by developing their own marketing strategies and managing their own brands. Click here! Accountants provide important insight into the systems and operations of a company. They gather, analyze, and communicate vital financial data for use by managers, investors, government officials, and the public. The USBI Accounting program equips students with the depth of understanding to go beyond data tracking and reporting to provide actionable insights for multiple end-user groups.

Students will learn from experts in the field so that they may apply best practices to prepare for a career in auditing, public accounting, or the financial sector. The comprehensive program also offers students free test preparation for the Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certified Management Account exams.

With an emphasis on technology and ethical business practices, USBI Accounting graduates will be well-rounded accounting professionals and will seek careers in any organizational setting: multinationals, non-profits, or government agencies. Click here! A good manager knows how to organize processes and workflow while anticipating relevant changes and opportunities in the market, but a great manager also understands the people who make it all happen, and makes it her business to develop their talent. This combined perspective underpins the Management program at USBI.

The Management program at USBI prepares students for planning, organizing, and leading the efforts of an organization through external and internal resources.

Now more than ever, companies need proactive leaders with entrepreneurial drive. The program provides students with the managerial knowledge they need, and drives students to harness their talent to secure careers in finance, marketing, human resources, and more. Students will select a concentration to tailor their education to their interests. Click here! New Program
Fall 2014 Websites, newspapers, advertisements, products and packaging—everything is designed. Design spans media, genre, tools, and methods, as does the USBI Creative Design and Media program.

Students in the Creative Design and Media program will craft impactful messages through text, images, video, and other media for publication via print, mobile, and digital platforms, among others. With a focus on the digital domain and technology development, the program encourages students to seek and create new methods and practices.

The entire program will function as an agency, where students act as business managers or creative directors on industry projects. In today’s information age, opportunities for those with visual communication skills abound. Graduates will seek employment in a variety of industries and will have the entrepreneurial skills to create their own enterprises.

Students may choose Creative Design and Media as their study program or may specialize in a concentration: Social and Environmental Design, Film, Video, and Photography, and Fashion and Textile Design. Click here! Click here! Ranked 69 of 127 countries in UNESCO’s Education Development Index, Indonesia needs highly qualified English language educators with creative and analytical thinking and IT savvy. Click here!

Through experimental learning methods and techniques, the USBI Mathematics Education program answers this need. Students will begin on-the-job training in Jakarta-area schools from the first semester of the program, to gain the practical skills they need to be come creative and effective educators.

Through an emphasis on technology, entrepreneurship, and community development, graduates will be prepared for many careers inside and outside the classroom—from curriculum design to educational enterprise.

Students will choose from two concentrations: Mathematics Education for Young Learners or Mathematics Education for Secondary Schools. Click here! Through experimental learning methods and techniques, the USBI English Language Teaching program answers this need. Students will begin on-the-job training in Jakarta-area schools from the first semester of the program to gain the practical skills they need to be come creative and effective educators.

Through an emphasis on technology, entrepreneurship, and community development, graduates will be prepared for many careers inside and outside the classroom—from curriculum design to educational enterprise.

Students choose from two concentrations: English for Secondary Schools or English for Young Learners. According to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, Indonesian students’ mastery of mathematics is relatively low. In today’s information age, where mathematics is the language of science and technology, there exists a large demand for highly qualified Mathematics educators. Education, Training and Technology New Program
Fall 2014 Early Childhood Education New Program
Fall 2014 Click on a Degree Program for more information! Bachelor of
Economics and
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