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Teen-Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention Program

Past, Pregnant, Parent

Jessica Zerfowski

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Teen-Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention Program

There are four different types of classes
that help with Prevention Classes How people could use birth control or condoms. Or just dothe safest way by not doing anything at all.
Parenting Classes Show them how it's like to be a parent for twenty four hours period. Birthing Classes Teaching them what happens to you during birth and how your body changes after having a child. Schooling while having a child Show that everything is not all that easy to deal with when you have a child crying in your ear every five minuts. Financial problems We aren't trying to scare them by saying that your never going to have enough money, but we're just going to prepare them for the finances such as: formula, diapers, clothing, and doctor visits. Our credo of this program we have created is: Believing in a better furutre for you and your child. The reason why our group came up with this is because not only are we trying to look out for people’s unborn children’s lives, but also we are trying to help the mother and father of the child to give them the best life possible. Our slogan that we have created is: Past, Pregnant, Parent We came up with the idea from Life, Laugh, Love, which is what most young teenage girls live by. We decided to change the quote to pregnancy term that suit our program. Janie and I will tell people about what it's like to have a child at the age of sixteen. Show them how hard it is to deal with, your child twenty four seven, keep the baby's father around, have a job, and still maintain a high school education. In the advertisement you'll see bits and pieces of what our lives could have been with a child. Our Television advertisement was: We got this idea from "Candies foundation." Everyone thought it would be a great way to show people what it's really like to have a child and how much work you put into it. We came up with this from a conmmerial a very long time ago. We really can't remember that name of it, but we It opens up people eyes to taking another childs life. Our two poster advertisement made you think: The advertisement on the computer Our creation on glogster showed young teenagers what would
happen to their lives after having a child at such a young age. The advertisement on the wall Our poster creation on the wall shows people three important things about what our program really is. It shows our logo, credo, and slogan. People really only look at wall advertisements for about three seconds. So why would you go through all the trouble of putting a bunch of inforamtion on it. SOURCES:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teenage_pregnancy Eighty two percentage of teenage pregnancy are unplanned all over the world. United States how the highest of unplanned teenage pregnancy.
Seven in ten women who had sex before the age of fouteen. Eleven out of Twenty have been caused by rape..
Six in ten of those who had sex before age fifteen report having had sex involuntarily.. A baby is writing a letter to his mommy who is about to get an abortion, but she feels she's not fit to be a mother yet. Our radio advertisement talked about: Teen-Unplanned Pregancy Prevention Our program that we have shows young teenagers
what it's like to take care a young child at such a
young age. Other program that we've look at shows
teenagers what to after they are pregnant. We want
to help them before it happens and that's what our
program is all about.
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