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The Trowble with

No description

itachi uchia

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of The Trowble with

Robert Capron as Lymie
Emma Watson as Mary Grace
Rosemary Harris as Mrs. Saunders
I chose Emma Watson as Mary Grace because she would both fit Mary Grace and Act Like her she would also look the same age.
Norman Reedus as Chuckie

Dakota Goyo as Tyler
I chose Rosemary Harris as Mrs. Saunders
Jaden Smith as Mark
because she is old and I would imagine Mrs.Saunders looking like her.She is also a great actor.
The Trouble with
I chose Jaden Smith as Marks because he is around the same age .

By Daniel Hayes
I chose Dakota because he is around the age of Tyler and Blond
I chose Robert as Lymie Because he is around the same age as Lymie and he's chubby
I chose him as chuckie because he could easily act as chuckie and this is how i imagine chuckie.
I chose Chandler because hes also around the same age as Jack and he fits the role of Jack.
Chandler Riggs as Jack
Will Smith as Mr.Blumberg
I chose him as Mr.Blumberg
because he is an experienced actor and as father of Jaden Smith they have close relationship so they can act as father and son in there role in "The Trouble With Lemons
I chose her because she is around the age of Tyler's mom and she is blond.
Rachel Harris as Tyler's Mom
Sound Track, Song 1: Tyler Finds BooBoo's Body. Song : Mother Sea: One Piece
Sound Track, Song 2: Tyler and Beaver's Fight.Afraid of This Generation: Real Steal
Sound Track, Song 3:Tyler's mom finds him on the park bench. "Homecoming" Naruto
Soundtrack, Song 4: Jacktells Tyler what actually happened. " Will Of \The Heart" Bleach
Why Chose thin Sound Track?
I chose this soundtrack for the book "The Trouble With Lemons" because of the tone of the music there's a lot of emotion put into these songs.
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