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Why Model UN is Great


Philip Sabado

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Why Model UN is Great

Why Model UN is Great
Welcome to Model United Nations!
photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Interactive Learning Experience
It's useful because it provides a good mix of
academic, rhetorical skills, as well as building
teamwork and cooperation.
Learn about
Gain Perspectives on global issues
Public Speaking
Conflict Resolution
Acquire Negotiation and Diplomacy skills
New Countries
Treaties and Resolutions
How they work in real life
Landon Middle School
Fletcher High school
Ponte Vedra High School
Community Outreach
Car Decals
Fund raising
Contact Information
Meet the Secretariat!
Philip Sabado
Vice President

Joy Bagwell

Stephan Skora
Public Relations Coordinator

Julia Ondruska

Whitney Myer
An intercollegiate, academic simulation of the United Nations.
In Model UN, students represent ambassadors of different countries to debate current issues on the organization's agenda.
"Delegates" go through the same steps as the UN, undergoing voting procedures, making speeches, writing resolutions, debating, and play acting the attitudes of their country.
Our topics are those being debated in the UN right now, like the prevention of armed conflict, the situation in Afghanistan, and infrastructure development, along with other human rights, environmental, scientific and economic issues.
What Is Model UN?
Rope Course
Giant Dove Parade
Facebook Group - UNF MUN
Twitter - @unfmun
Philip - (678) 446-5152
Joy - (561) 972-1801
Stephan - (386) 882-8929
Julia - (214) 763-9996
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