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Phurin Faaroon

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Japan

Japan Japan's Flag Meanings of the Flag Japan in the World Map Japan
Japan’s landscape is mostly mountain ranges. The most famous mountain in Japan is Mt. Fuji, which had once been a volcano. It’s elevation is 3776 miles. There are also some plains which was mostly found along the coast. Many rivers are also found in Japan such Shinano river, which is the longest river in Japan. Terrain Japan is located in Eastern Asia.
It is an island chain between the
North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. The islands are also found in Japan such as Honshu, the largest island in Japan and Hokkaido, the second largest island in Japan. The southern part of Japan
is close to the equator so it is
warmer than the northern part
of Japan. Spring time and winter
time are the best time in Japan.
In winter it is very cold and there
are also snow . Climate Natural Resources Land Uses arable land: 12.13%
permanent crops: 1.01%
other: 86.86% (1998 est.) Quartz Japan has very few minerals...... Nationality:
Japanese crystal Religion Shintoism 83.9%

Buddhism 71.4%

Christianity 2%

other 7.8% conventional short name: Japan The type of government in Japan is parliamentary government with a constitutional monarchy. Government Type.... Capital name: Tokyo Agriculture Product Exports-Commodities motor vehicles 13.6% semiconductors 6.2% iron and steel products 5.5% auto parts 4.6% plastic materials 3.5% power generating machinery 3.5% sugar fruits poultry diary products egg fish Major Industries consumer electronics semiconductors Welcome to China 19.7% US 15.5%, South Korea 8%,
Hong Kong 5.2%, Thailand 4.6% (2011) Exports- Partner China 19.7% US 15.5% South Korea 8% Hong Kong 5.2% Thailand 4.6% Imported-Partners By
Vasittorn Kamthornthip
Phurin Faaroon THANK YOU..... Do you have any questions? Imports- C ommodites Imports-Commodities petroleum 15.5% liquid natural gas 5.7% clothing 3.9% semiconductors 3.5% coal 3.5% audio and visual apparatus 2.7% quartz Natural Resources Major Cities motor vehicles electronic equipment machine tools

steel and metals chemicals processed foods Industries fruits rice sugar beets poultry diary products Vegetables China 21.5% US 8.9% Australia 6.6% UAE 5% South Korea 4.7% Capital city: Tokyo The population of
people in Tokyo is 12 million people. red circle:
the sun without
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