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Bastille Day

No description

Christian Carbonel

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Bastille Day

Bastille Day Bastille Day is a day of French Independence, the day to commemorate the storming of the French prison Bastille, at Paris on 7th July 1789. The storming of the French prison was important in the history of France as it marks the start of rebellion and rally rather than the act of defiance. The very next year after the storming, on 14 July 1780, a huge feast, Fête de la Fédération was held to celebrate the end of the French revolution and to commemorate the storming. Fête de la Fédération can be considered as the very First Bastille Day celebration. On 1880 May 21, Benjamin Raspail, the politician of French third republic proposed by law to choose 14 July as a yearly national Holiday or the Bastille Day. And it was after this that the Bastille Day started to be celebrated with much enthusiasm and pride. Traditional Bastille Day Activities FIREWORKS are always on the menuin Paris Bastille Day celebrations, and usually light up the skies at around nightfall. Often launched in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, the Saint Germain des Près district, and around Montparnasse Traditional Bastille Day Activities The Bal du 14 juillets a giant dance party traditionally held on the Place de la Bastille (where the stormed prison once stood)on the evening before Bastille Day (July 13th). A different theme is chosen each year, usually providing an opportunity to don elaborate costumes and hear live music. Traditional Bastille Day Activities A traditional military parade on the Champs-Elyséesstarts near the Arc de Triomphe on the famed Avenue on the afternoon of July 14th and spreads across Paris. A moving tribute, or pomp and circumstance. A matter of taste. Traditional Bastille Day Activities France has a unique-- and quirky-- tradition of firehouses opening their doors to the general public on July 13th and 14th for the occasion of Bastille day, offering live demonstrations and dancing.

Fireman's Gala is when fire precincts around Paris open their doors to the public for dancing, drinking, and partying. The firemen will be dressed in their uniforms and waiting to entertain the tons of carousers who enter. Traditional Bastille Day Activities A common element of the traditional Bastille Day military parade in Paris is an airshow. This shot shows French Air Force planes flying over the Place de la Concorde in Paris for the occasion of the Bastille Day This historical illustrations shows the storming of the Bastille prison in central Paris on July 14th, 1789. The prison, housed in a fortified medieval structure which was later ravaged by fire and destroyed, was targeted due to its large arms stores, and the storming by insurrectionists was a critical moment in the first stirrings of the French Revolution. Today, the Colonne du Juillet stands at the site, though it does not actually commemorate the storming of the Bastille, but rather the 1830 Revolution known as "Les Trois Glorieuses". FIN
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