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Contrasting the Essay Film and Video Essay: A Timeline

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Juan Llamas Rodriguez

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Contrasting the Essay Film and Video Essay: A Timeline

Hans Richter
"Der Filmessay"
1940 A. Astruc
"La Camera-Stylo"
1948 Bazin's review of Marker's Letter from Siberia
1958 Solanas & Getino
"Third Cinema"
1969 Philip Lopate
"In Search of the Centaur"
1992 Timothy Corrigan
"Film & Literature"
1999 Paul Arthur
"Essay Questions"
2003 Michael Renov
"The Subject of Documentary"
2004 Rascaroli
"Personal Camera"
2009 Timothy Corrigan
"The Essay Film"
2011 1975
Raymond Bellour
"The Unattainable Text" 2011
Christian Keathley
"The Camera-Stylo" 2006
Laura Mulvey
"Death 24x per Second" 2008
Eric Faden
"Manifesto for Critical Media" 2012
"Frames Cinema Journal"
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