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Materials BIC Lighter

No description

Callum Smith

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Materials BIC Lighter

Made of Delrin (polyacetal homopolymer), a high tech crystaline resin.

Both items are injection moulded and joined using ultra sonic welding.

cost- $0.0002/$0.00003

Body and Base
How it works-
The spark wheel is a two part mechanism made from a stack of serrated cutting segments clamped together between a pair of discs or finger pieces.
Spark Wheel
Finger pieces-
Made of die cast zinc zemac alloy.

Serrated striker-
Made of extruded hardened steel, cut to a serrated edge and coiled around a central axis between the finger pieces.

Cost- $0.0003
Made of low alloy spring steel

The steel is extruded into a wire and coiled using a spring coiling machine, the springs are then cut to size after being coiled.

cost- $0.00025/$0.00029
The gas used in a BIC lighter is pure Isobutane.

Springs (jet and fork)
Spring coiling
Ferrocerium or Ferro rod.

The ferrocerium is an alloy of 6 metals melted and extruded into a rod and cut to size.

cost- $0.000315
Carbide steel

Manufacture -
Extrude steel wire the diameter of the ball, cut it into segments and roll between rill plates to create spheres.

cost- $0.00012
Made of electrolytically processed aluminum with a micro porous membrane

Extruded aluminum tube with a micro porous membrane attached with a small aluminum washer disc.

Made of brass (zinc zemac alloy) with synthetic rubber stopper.

Die cast brass valve with injection moulded rubber stopper.

Cost- $0.00015
Cost of product materials



5 million lighters produced daily

Across 4 factories worldwide running the same production process

57 lighters produced per second

Made of polyacetal plastic.

Injection moulded.


Total Product Manufacturing Cost and Time
Component Manufacture and Cost
Assembly Time and Cost
Group I
Callum, Eddie, Adam, Tom, Lewis, Kyle, Ed
How much?
Materials in Practice

BIC was founded in 1945 by Baron Marcel Bich.

It has become known for making disposable consumer products.

The design of the lighter has changed little for 41 years.
Overview of BIC
Annual BIC sales revenue $2.073 Billion

Total number of BIC employees 9,695

Number of BIC lighters sold yearly 1.825 Billion

Number of countries selling BIC products 160

Average number of lights you can get from a
BIC lighter 3,000

BIC manufactures and sells 5 million lighters
every day worldwide

BIC is the world leader in pocket

BIC's Figures
$35 million

$50 million
Capital Expenditure
BIC produces lighters in four factories
located in France, Spain, the United States and Brazil.

BIC lighter manufacturing is fully
integrated, from production on
moulding machines developed by BIC to
packaging of the final product.

BIC plants carry out the following operations:
- manufacturing of primary parts
- sub-assembly
- automatic gas filling
- assembling, controlling, and packaging

Assembly Processes
BIC factories run 24 hours a day 7 days a week worldwide.

25% of an operators time is spent on safety checks.

Assembly Time

More than 50 automatic
checks gurantee quality.

This is due to the strict
regulations of ISO 9994
and ASTM.

Machine Development

BIC plants utilise state-of-the-art lighter manufacturing technology, automatic machines
development, zamak injection and cold moulding technologies with micrometric precision.

It also has an equipment workshop that manufactures:
- plastic moulds
- zamak moulds
- cold stamping tools
- casting tools
- some manufacturing and
packaging machines
Hood and Guard
Made of nickel plated hardened steel.

A die cutter (cold hammered) both cuts the initial shape of the items out of plate steel and simultaneously stamps the steel into the curved shapes. They are then dipped into nickel baths for plating.


Spark Wheel
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