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Vocabulary Words - Pac/ Pea

No description

Alexis Elkins

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Vocabulary Words - Pac/ Pea

Definition- Friendly and agreeable
Sentence- Martin Luther King Jr. led peaceable protests against segregation.
Root / meaning
Root- Pac & Peas
Meaning- Comes from Latin/ Means "agree" and "peace"
Definition- To bring peace; to quiet or calm
Sentence- He had to pacify the angry spectators.
Definition- To satisfy or give in to another's demand
Sentence- We give to charity because it appeases our guilt.
Definition- A person against war and violence
Sentence- The pacifist was committed to peace all of her life.
Definition- An agreement
Sentence- The two countries made a pact to end the war.
Vocabulary Words - Pac/ Peas
A pacifier calms babies
"Casper the friendly ghost" is Peaceable
A phone will Appease a child
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