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Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth Story Elements

Lynzie Glover

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth Characterization The two main characters are Philip Malloy and Margaret Narwin. Background: Philip Malloy is 14 years old. He goes to Harrison High School. He is very athletic and likes track. He is smart, but unwilling to pay attention in class. He can be very troublesome. He rather joke around in class with his peers. Some people characterize him as disrespectful.

Margaret Narwin is an English teacher. She has been teaching for a long time and enjoys it. She wants to find new, enticing ways to teach her students. She does not like it when her students disrupt class. Philip also lies to get himself out of trouble, but in the story he realizes this is a bad idea. Falling Action: Philip sings in class again when he is supposed to be silent. Miss Narwin asks him to stop multiple times, but he doesn't. He gets suspended. He claims he was being patriotic. His parents call Ted Griffin to get Philip's story out. His story ends up in newspapers and is talked about on radio talk shows. Many people send in letters supporting Philip for being patriotic and opposing Miss Narwin for causing him to be suspended. Rising Action: Philip Malloy gets a new English teacher, Miss Narwin. Philip doesn't like her. He takes her Winter exam and answers it with a silly answer. He disrupts her class by singing "The Star Spangeled Banner". Philip wants to join the track team, but he cannot because of his bad grade in English class. He thinks this is unfair. Resolution: Philip Malloy switches schools because he cannot take the pressure of his peers. He feels guilty for letting his lies go too far. Miss Narwin goes for an early retirement. Theme: Lying only makes things worse so, tell the truth.
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