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Dreamhouses of the Future!

No description

Caroline Brady

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of Dreamhouses of the Future!

Dreamhouses of the Future! Think about these Questions??? How would a house look in the year 2080? How would people travel? What would be the latest fashions? What might furniture look like? How would people communicate? Design it in your head Draw the layout out on paper Add stylish furniture New technology?
Communication? Present your ideas My Ideas... The year 2080 This is a picture of a computer/communicator.
You can video chat from all over the world, and go online. I call it the Computicator. This is a picture of a new phone. Program your voice into it, and when you say "Phone, come here", it comes as fast as a Griffin. That is why I call it the Griffin Phone (yes, I know Griffins aren't real). Here are some ideas other people think of the future... This is a picture of transportation.They defy gravity and keep you floating about a foot in the air.The footpads are pressure-sensitive. When you put your feet on them, a strap will hook your feet to the pads. There are links so you can link more of these together, and press the driver button to drive them. The other people linked must not press the driver button. When a link is activated, chairs(much like carseats) will pop up out of each one linked, and you will sit there. The seats are also pressure senstitive, so when you sit down, a seatbelt will appear. To control the way you drive, you must tell it what to do. When you see speed limit sign(45 mph), say "slow to 45" it will slow down to 45 mph. There is also a tube in case it rains. The cover is in case you are afraid of T-storms, or if you need to use the windshield wipers. I call it the Megatransport.
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