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No description

Jessica Tuers

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Iphone

Dictate memos and reminders Understands natural
speech Make reminders The new panorama feature just tap and move the camera across the scene to take up to 240 degrees in 8 megapixel.
With FaceTime you can now video call over Wifi and cellular.
1080p HD video recording. Skillfully Designed iCloud Expert advice.
Personalized help.
Every step of the way. If you're the kind of person who likes to have control over every aspect of your life we have the product for you... Why do these crazy people love Apple and the iPhone so much? User
Friendly Customer
Support Apps, Apps, and More Apps There are more than 500,000 different apps for every age and every interest. What's great about the iPhone is that there are hundreds of thousands of accessories for every need If you havent already met Siri... Camera, Panorama, and FaceTime Battery Life 8 hrs
8 hrs
10 hrs
225 hrs Talk time Standby time 4G LTE browsing Video Playback time Maps Turn by Turn Navigation The Build Accept or Decline phone calls in a whole new way Real time traffic to calculate ETA 3D flyover of major metro areas Accessories otterbox Sync your work Outlook calendar with iCal See all your schedules on one list Since 2007 when the first iPhone was released Apple has continued to revolutionize the smartphone industry. It became the top selling smartphone on the market and helped turn Apple into the worlds most valuable company at $630 billion. Easy to use Not technically complicated Apple's #1 goal " Simple Shapes Aesthetically
pleasing No manuals
needed 146 Million phones have been sold worldwide Have a question drop by any Apple store to talk with these experts. FREE texting iPhone to iPhone Music Documents Movies Photos Find my Friends Intelligent personal assistant Hands free Play movies or tv shows
over cellular networks Locate your iPhone Remotely wipe your phone Play a sound for 2 minutes at full volume Pipe Flows Vertical Curve Tangents Angles Channel Flow Area View Edit Draw Share Small enough for one handed operation Photos Videos Texts Store your content Numbers Pages Just a few of the many apps... AirPrint Questions? Sport Scores Why we believe you should get an iPhone!
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