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6th Grade ELA Cause and Effect

No description

Elyse Cosma

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of 6th Grade ELA Cause and Effect

Understanding Cause and Effect
What is Cause and Effect?
How to Identify Cause and Effect
Organizing Events
In order to help us determine the cause and effect relationship in a passage, it is helpful to map out the events in the order they occurred.

You can quickly do this on a piece of scrap paper while you are reading, or you can use one of many graphic organizers in your packets that you were given this summer.
Independent Study
Exit Ticket
Remember: Cause and effect relationships explain the reason things happen or how things became the way they are. The cause is the event that caused something else to happen. The effect is what happened as a result of the cause. The cause happens before the effect, but it doesn’t have to be written first. Look for signal words such as so, since, as a result, because, and therefore.
Tells us why things happened
Helps us draw conclusions
Allows us to get deeper meaning out of a passage.
- Context clues!
- Adverb clauses
- Logical reasoning
if... then..
in order to...
as a result...
now that...
___ any trout yet, she is going to change the bait she is using.
a. Because Ivy has not catched
b. Ivy has not caught
c. Because Ivy has not caught
d. Because Ivy had not caught
Since July 4th is a holiday, ___ have to go to work.
a. so we do not
b. we do not
c. as a result, we do not
d. thus, we do not
___, the temperature should begin dropping.
a. Now that the sun setting
b. Now that the sun set
c. The sun setting
d. Now that the sun has set
Group Work
- Turn to page 44 in your STARS book.
- Read the passages on 44 and 45.
- Complete the questions on page 44 and 45 in your Do Now notebook.
Do Now
You have 5 minutes to complete the following:
1. Put todays date in the top right corner of the next clean page in your Do Now notebook.
2. Write what happens to houseplants if no one waters them for a long time.
3. Write why this happens
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