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Comics and Cartoons

No description

Torunn Skjaerstad

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Comics and Cartoons

Comics and Cartoons
Comics and cartoons
Making a comic book
Lage en tegneseriebok

Write down!
Work in pairs
- What are their names in Norwegian?
- What are their names in English? (use the internet)

Jobb sammen to og to
- Hva heter de på norsk?
- Hva heter de på engelsk? (bruk internett)
Who are they?
1. Write down three cartoons and comics you have either read or watched as a movie.
A. What is their name in Norwegian and English?
B. Who is your favourite character?
C. Why do you like it?

1. Skriv ned tre tegneserier du har lest eller sett på film.
A. Hva heter de på norsk og engelsk?
B. Hvem er din favorittegneseriefigur?
C. Hvorfor liker du denne tegnes?

- What genre? (Poem, short story, diary, fairy tale)

Hvilken sjanger? (Dikt, novelle, dagbok, Eventyr)

- Who, where, when, what, how?

Hvem, Hvor, Når, Hva, Hvordan?

Poem Short story

Fairytale Diary

- few characters
- short timespan
- in medias res
- narrative text

få personer
- kort tidsperiode
- pangstart
- fortellende tekst
- Lines, not sentences
- Rhyme
- Comparisons (like a rose)
- Metaphor (Broken heart)

Linjer, ikke setninger
- Rim
- Sammelingninger(som en rose)
- Metaphor (et knust hjerte)
- Once upon a time...
- Few character (good or bad)
- Magic
- Monsters and unnatural beings (dragons, troll, werewolfs)

Det var en gang..
- Få personer (snille eller slemme)
- Magi
- Monstre og unaturlige vesener
(drager, troll, varulver)
- Personal
- Day and date
- Written in first person ( I )
- Narration from your day

- Skrevet i jeg-form
- Dag og dato
- Fortelling fra dagen din
Who (Hvem)
What (Hva)
When (Når)
Which (Hvilken)
Why (Hvorfor)
Where (Hvor)
How (Hvordan)
Question Words

Read A. Duckburg page156
Answer task 1A page 157

Les A. Duckburg side 156
Svar på oppgave 1A side 157
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