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Talking about the UAE

Jon Gregory

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of TALKING ABOUT THE U.A.E!

Double click anywhere & add an idea falcons the desert car racing camels clothing buildings music and dance poetry sport my grandfather dhubs my hobby my hometown weddings the glass ceiling telecommuting good parenting Talking about the U.AE
1. Prepare for your oral presentation
2. Practise note-taking
3. Practise presentation structure -
i) introduction
ii) point 1 with details and examples
iii) points 2, 3 etc with details and examples
iv) conclusion

Who? Where? What? How? Why?
Which? How much/many?

Who uses camels?
What are they used for?
Where can you see camels?
What are the different kinds of camels?
How much are they? Why are the prices different?
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