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The Lord of the Flies

what I learned from this book

Kyle Seitel

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of The Lord of the Flies

"The Lord of the Flies" By William Golding Lord of the Flies Leadership Advantages Disadvantages Not everyone agreed with their ways Jack and the choir didn't care about getting rescued couldn't get anything accomplished because of Jack Based on who got them all there By voting for Ralph By switching over to a care free lifestyle with Jack, a choir singer/hunter Everyone was dedicated Their survival depended on cooperation They got to decide on their own things to benefit themselves three Try to accomplish something Fighting breaks out two one Can't get it done Jack turns against everyone Everyone takes sides until resolved Cycle of arguments Ralph elected leader. Jack infuriated Downfall of society as Jack creates "the" "savages" Ralph is angry at Jack for not keeping the fire up after a ship passes The savages hunt down the remaining original society More conflict happens as Jack and the choir boys don't help out with anything Boys stranded on island (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Events leading to Downfall of society | | | | | | | | | | | | | Major Events Boys stranded on island Ralph and Piggy find a conch Ralph blows the conch, everyone comes The boys vote Ralph for chief Ralph, Simon, and Jack go on an expedition around island Boys find out that there is no one else on the island Boys make fire to signal ships First sighting of "beastie" Try to build shelters, distracted by wild pig Ship passes, Jack and the hunters had fire out since they were catching a pig Twins claim to be attacked by the beastie Jack leaves the rest of the boys and called for all hunters to join him | | | | | | | | | | | | | Jack and hunters have feast with Ralph and Piggy and put the killed pigs head on a stick as an offering to the beast Simon learns that the lord of the flies is inside of all men and that the beastie is a dead paratrooper from a battle above When Simon tries to tell them, all of the savages kill Simon with their bare hands and teeth Jacks hunters attack Ralph and Piggy to get Piggy's glasses so the can make a fire When trying to reason with Jack and his hunters, a battle between Ralph and Jack starts, while a boy name Roger rolls a boulder down the mountain killing Piggy and destroying the conch After Piggy's death, the savages hunt down Ralph, while Ralph hides in the forest When Ralph runs onto the beach, while getting chased, he discovers a naval officer who saw their forest fire when they tried to burn out Ralph Main character #1
Ralph Main character #2
Jack Main character #3
Simon Main character #4
Piggy Jack and the Savages Original society Both 1. Only hunted
2. Didn't care about getting rescued
3. Held feasts and acted "savagely" toward outsiders
4. Didn't act like a normal boy their age 1. Much more civilized
2. Wanted to get rescued
3. Tried to make basic necessities
4. Hunted and gathered like early man 1. Both had Jack and Ralph at constant odds
2. Jack still hated Piggy
3. Everyone was in the original society
4. Both tried to get more people into their society What rules Norms and behaviors appear to be there How the boys acted and reacted Rules:
1. Ralph is leader
2. Whenever someone has the conch, he is the only person who can talk. Everyone must go to the conch when called.
3. The only time to decide on change is when an assembly is called
4. everyone helps each other
5. No one goes out alone Norms:
1. No one was concerned about the government of their society and their future
2. They only voted for Ralph because he all got them there rather than looking at leadership skills
3. Were easily distracted and the "little uns" did nothing to help the society.
4. Did not think about each other and pursued their own interests Behaviors
1. Everyone in Jack's society acted savage and didn't act like an everyday person
2. No one acted civilized and did mean things to each other
3. Simon was killed because everyone thought that he was the beast since they were all scared
4. Barbaric since Jack wanted to run the island and the only way to do that is to kill Ralph How this relates to the real world Little uns
The little uns symbolize the jobless people today that only make money from welfare. They don't do anything, and have everything handed to them, through hard work o other people. Electing a leader
This symbolizes the real world since they only elected a leader out of necessity and not because they wanted to. The change in characters
This symbolizes how evil is today. Everyone has evil inside of them, and we can only make it less, we can't completely get rid of it. Ralph is the protagonist in the novel representing the need to act civilized in a time of trouble. He and Simon are the only ones who understand that barbarianism exists within all people. Jack is the antagonist of this book. He represents the savagery in all people. He maipulates everyone on the islannd and longs for total power. Simon is the nicest person in the book. He represents the kind of people who help the community for the better. Simon was the only character whose attitude wasn't changed by what society he was in. Piggy, Ralph's assistant, is the smartest, most disliked person on the island. He represents the inteligient side the society, where he makes a sundial to tell time for the society. Differences between "The Savages"
and "The Original Society" The End http://movieclips.com/yhsc-lord-of-the-flies-movie-piggy-is-killed/ http://movieclips.com/s9mJ-lord-of-the-flies-movie-hunt-and-rescue/
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