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Ruby on Rails

No description

Mathijs Sterk

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Ruby on Rails

Mathijs Sterk

www.itrp.com Ruby on Rails Ruby is... A dynamic, open source programming language
with a focus on simplicity and productivity.
It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read
and easy to write. Dynamic scripting language (like Perl) class HelloWorldApp {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String message = "Hello World!"
} message = "Hello World!"
puts message Pure object oriented (like Smalltalk) Functional programming via closures (like Lisp) public static List<Employee> managers(List<Employee> employees) {
List<Employee> result = new ArrayList<Employee>();
for (Employee employee : employees) {
if (employee.isManager()) {
return result;
} def managers(employees)
employees.select{ |employee| employee.manager? }
end Intepreted (re)define on the fly Flexible and forgiving And much, much more... Use of mixins (single inheritance)
Regular expressions
Open Source
Comprehensive API
Well documented
etc Yukihiro “matz” Matsumoto "Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body" Rails is... An open-source web framework that's optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity.

It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. Principles Convention over Configuration
TTD (Test Driven Design)
DRY (Don't repeat yourself)
YAGNI (You ain't gonna need it)
Opinionated Software
MVC Test and Deploy Initial setup Fat Models Skinny Controllers Views Heroku (git/svn/...)
EngineYard (git)
Amazon Goodies Scopes
no foreign key constraints in DB
no multithreading
many, many, gems
rake David H. Hansson Ruby on Rails was extracted by David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp, a project management tool by 37signals.

First released in 2005. http://ruby.railstutorial.org/chapters/beginning#sec:deploying http://railscasts.com/episodes/216-generators-in-rails-3 note: scaffolding is mainly for educational purposes Specs first Hack away ERB HAML Partials (new/edit) Style with Sass scope :old_school, where(:twitter => "") person.rb
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