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daniela de backer

on 24 June 2013

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BY: Daniela d.
the end.....
Santa Fe de Bogota is the capital of Colombia. Colombia has a large population. It has an estImated population of 44,725,543. Colombia's major cities are Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena de indias, cucuta, Bucaramanga, Pereira, Ibaque, and Soledad.

Colombia is located in the continent of South America,

Colombia its bordered by Venezuela, Brazil to the east, Ecuador, Peru to the south, and the Pacific ocean to the west.

and is positioned in the northern and western hemispheres.
Major landforms and rivers
The mountain ranges called cordillera oriental, central, and occidental.
the Caribbean and Pacific lowlands.
the eastern Amazon lowlands.
Andes mountains.
Valleys of Magdalena river.
-spanish conquest of Colombia begins and the first settlement in sout america was founded at Santa Marta.
-spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada leads an expedition into the Andes where he obtains massive amounts of emeralds and gold.
-Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada founds Bogota as the capital of the new kinddom of "Granada".
-Gonzalo Jimenez de Queda was appointee marshal of new "Granada" and councillor of Bogota for life. (until he died in 1579)
-the spanish goverment appoints a president to the Colombian colony.
-spain colombains Colombia with neighbouring territories into one large colony called the "Vicaroyaltty" of new Granadawhich consisted of Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, and Panama.
-the territories viceroyalty of New Granada establish their own independent goverments, and the King of Spain is overthrown by Napoleon.
-Spain sends troops to South America to quell the uprising of the colonists
1819(August 7)
-General Simon Bolivar defeats royalist forces in the Battle of Boyaca, at
(December 17)
-The Republic of Colombia (also known as Gran Colombia) is proclaimed consisting of Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador;also at the same year Colombia gains its independence from Spain and Simon Bolivar becomes the first Colombian president
-Ecuador and Venezuela became totally independent from Gran Colombia.
-Colombia adopts a constitution which abolishes slavery.
-Civil War; The War of the Thousand Days.
-Panama seceded from Colombia with us backing and allows us control over the land now known as the Panama Canal zone.
The USA paid Colombia $25 million for the loss of Panama.
-Colombia helped the USA to keep the Panama Canal open during World War 2.
-USA began to supply the Colombian government with military equipment to help rid Colombia of drug dealers.

The Climate
In Colombia the climate is tropical
along the coast and eastern plains,
in highlands its much cooler.

Important dates
Birth rate:921000
Death rate:246000
Literacy rate:98.43
Life expectency: 74.3; male:71.0, and female: 77.8
GDP:worth 331.66 billion US dollars.
HDI:high human development, but Colombia is one of the 10 lowest HDIs from Latin merica.
Average income:692 dollars per month.
Net migrations: 120000.
Colombia is experiencing growth.(dont ask why?)
Many immigrants are moving out of Colombia because of safety or new opportunities in other countries (my family).
The major Push factors are-safety, economy and jobs.
Major Pull factors are-climate and big factories because they are investing.
The exchange rate of Canadian Dollar was last updated on June 21, 2013 from The International monetary fund.
The exchange rate for the Colombian Peso was
last updated on June 20, 2013 from The International Monetary Fund.
Colombia´s major resources and agricultural products
Coffe, Flowers, Rice, Cattle, Bananas, Cotton, Meat, Corn, Figue, Panela, Sugarcane, Cocoa beans, Oilseeds (palm oil), Vegetables, Shrimp.

Colombia is a free market economy. In Colombia most jobs are
found on primary like in agriculture (banas, coffe) and
secondary like industries (oil, chemical,Textiles.
The major trading paterns are USA=36 percent in exports
and 39 percent in imports; CHINA=6 percent in exports and
16 percent in imports; Mexico, Spain, an Venezuela are
more. The balance of trade is 0.22 USD billion in
April of 2013 by DANE.
In Colombia the language spoken is Spanish but for business some of the people speak Enghish.
The major relions are Catholics, Christianism, Judaism and more.
January we have
"Feria de Cali" located at Cali/Valle del Cauca,
"Feria de Manizales" - Manizales/Caldas,
"HAY festival" - Cartagena - Bolívar,
"Campeonato de Voleibol Playa" - Cartagena - Bolívar,
"Carnavales de Ocaña" - Norte de Santander,
"Carnaval de Blancos y Negros" - Pasto - Nariño,
"Feria Taurina de la Candelaria" - Medellín - Antioquia,
"Feria Taurina" - Cartagena - Bolívar,
"Festival de la Miel" - Oiba – Santander,
"Fiesta de las Corralejas" - Sincelejo,
"Carnaval de Riosucio" - Riosucio - Caldas,
"Reinado Departamental de la Panela - Villeta,
"Reinado del Arroz" - Aguazul – Casanare,
"Sirenato del Mar" - Tolu
Carnaval de Barranquilla - Barranquilla - Atlántico
Feria Taurina Bogotá
Temporada Taurina - Medellín - Antioquia
Festival de la Subienda - Honda – Tolima
Fiesta de la Candelaria - Cartagena - Bolívar
Carnaval del Fuego - Tumaco – Nariño

Festival internacional de cine - Cartagena
Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro - Bogotá
Exposición Internacional de Orquídeas - Medellín
Semana Santa - Popayan
Festival de Música Religiosa - Popayan - Mompox - Pamplona
Festival de la Canción Llanera - Villavicencio – Festival del Burro - San Antero – Cordoba

im missing the rest of the months sorry :(

Food people eat at Colombia: roasted ants (homiga culona), guinea pig, and fried intestines (chunchillos), as well as comfort foods like arepas and chicken soup (sancocho de gallina). Traditional dishes like bandeja paisa (assorted meat plate with fried egg and fried plantian), fritanga (heaping plate of fried meats and sausages), and lechona (whole roasted suckling pig)
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