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Haile Middle School Engineering Jonpaul P


Jonpaul P

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Jonpaul P

My prezi
By: Jonpaul P
My prezi posts
Too Bad its over
Bottle Rocket
Corel Draw Tiles
Project 2
Tile Holder
Project 3
More coming soon!
Projects Quarter 3

The design process is made of 5 steps. First, you identify the challenge you want to complete, then you explore ideas like in books or the internet, next, you plan your idea and design it now, you test your idea and evaluate it, finally you present your solution so you show your results if your design.
Mechanical Engineering,is one of the biggest oldest engineering. Mechanical Engineers use energy, materials and mechanics to make things. They make that drive technology and industry. Mechanics, energy and heat, math, and engineering sciences help mechanical engineers. Mechanics have fluids, ranging, and motion. Mechanical engineers build things like roller coasters. Mechanical engineers are taught problem solving just like we are in this class. Mostly every other engineering are taught problem solving. Mechanical engineers are also taught the thought process.
1. Solid works can be used to design the skate park like all the ramps and things to skate on.
2. A laser engraver can be used to engrave designs to the skate park instead of paint they can put it on things like on the pyramid ramp in the image to the left.
The man is painting the ramp of the skate park.
The chassis is the main part of the e car. They used lots of dimensions and i made lots of holes i learned how to make a new sketch and use the point tool, i also leaned how to apply material to the chassis.
The front axle, this is where the wheels would go on. A circle was dimensioned a circle and extruded it to make it longer, i cut holes in the chassis where the axles can fit into.
The rear axle, this is the back axle of the e car. like the front axle it goes in holes in the chassis and holds the wheels. A circle was dimensioned dimensioned a circle like the front axle and extruded it to make it longer
The front wheel, the tutorial made up a total of 3 wheels, the front wheel, the rear wheel, and the rear wheel groove. The front wheel is the thinnest of all wheels it helps the e car roll.
The rear wheel, this wheel goes on the back of the e car. Like all the other wheels it is help by the axles. 2 circles were dimensioned one big and one small. i cut a hole in the small hole so it can slide into the axles.
The rear wheel groove, this wheel is different from the others because it has an indent going all around the wheel. I learned how to use the extruded boss and the mate reference tool.
The motor was a simple piece which was made in 3 minutes. 2 circles were dimensioned and used the extruded boss/base tool to make the small circle longer and stick out.
Y axis, the vertical measure. It is the axis that is vertical and measures hot far up the coordinates are. For example the laser engraver engraves signs and letters on material, without the y axis the coordinates will be wrong and it wont come out good.
X axis, the horizontal measure of the coordinates. This measures how long the measure is. Like the laser engraver uses this like when we cut out our business cards. It measures hoe far out the laser goes to cut .
Z axis, the height of the measure. The z axis is how tall or how far down the measure goes. For example the 3D printer uses the z axis so when it prints tall this the table moves down as it prints so the plastic can get taller. The laser engraver also uses the z axis. If you use a thick piece of wood you can use the z axis to move the table down so it can fit.
objective of the model water tower competition is to make people aware of how important reliable drinking water and the rewarding opportunities available in the water profession. Students make an idea into a working water tower like professionals in the real world.
It is free to enter you can do it in a team or alone. Judging is based on 4 things, structural efficiency, hydraulic efficiency, cost efficiency and design ingenuity.
Structural efficiency is found when you divide the weight of the model when it is empty by the average height of the tank times the amount of water it holds. The lower this number the better
Hydraulic efficiency is the amount of time it takes to fill the water tower with one gallon of water then drain the water back out. The less time the better it is.
Cost efficiency is how much money you spend to make the water tower. The less money you spend to make your water tower the better score you get.
Design ingenuity is how much imagination and skill were used in your model. The judges look at craftsman ship, whether the tower is sturdy and if the parts fit together nicely. They will look at imagination, is the design unique. They will also look at artistic merit, which is if the design has creative ideas colors and themes.
1.must fit in a square 1 foot on each side or circle with area of 1 ft squared
2. tank must be in between 1.5 and 2.5 feet high
3.when full tank must hold between 1 and 2.5 gallons of water
4.model should not leak
5.The water tower must use the 3/8 inch connector as supplied.
6.Bring receipts of all things purchased for your model.
7.Bring materials list
8.Must have vent or removable lid
9.Designed for this years competition so you cant re enter water towers.
Materials :
1.Container or jug that can hold the amount of water the judges want
2.thing to hold up the jug or container
3. A cardboard square base within the size the judges said
4. tube to let the water drain down
5. hot glue to put the materials together
The motor mount is very useful. It keeps the motor in place and on the chassis. I learned how to use the arc tool.
The L brackets hold things in place. it keeps the battery in place. i learned how to cut the corners off and make it slanted. the e car has 3 l brackets on it.
The switch. This is a very important tool. The switch activates the e car and turns it on.
The weight of 2.5 gallons of water is 20.8 pounds.
Water effects structural efficiency because if water is to heavy for the structure it might make it bend or make the model fall down.
Prezi post 10/5
the average weight for a water tower is 416,000 gallons
prezi post 10/19
My project can be an innovation using these 3 elements. The elements are Desirability, Capability, and viability. Desirability is worth doing or achieving.Capablility is being capable of. my water tower is capable of holding more than a gallon of water. viability is being capable of success. My water tower is capable of draining water out of it. My water tower is worth something in a contest at Haile middle. In conclusion, The water tower in the water tower building contest uses these three elements ans is an innovation.
Prezi Post 10/26
when a ball hits a wooden bat it looses 75% of its power. A aluminum bat makes the ball go 30 feet farther than the wooden bat. It is like a spring. The reason the MLB uses wooden bats is because they don't want people to get killed by a speeding baseball.
Prezi Post 11/9

How Do Wind Tunnels Simulate Flight?

A Wind tunnel is a tube that lets air pass through. They simulate flight because the give the tester a vision of how they will fly in the sky. Inside the tunnel the people can measure things like the speed of the wind. They measure the aerodynamic forces that act on the aircraft. From these tests the people can get conclusions of the aircraft. You cant fly an aircraft without it being tested by a wind tunnel anyway. If you don't test it you can hurt people. If someone got hurt the company of the aircraft will be shut down. So, wind tunnels are useful in the process of making an aircraft and without them people would die or get hurt.
This is the rocket. We will be making bottle rockets in class. We designed the rocket in solid works using the rocket sm tutorials.
This is the main part. The body tube is the whole structure of the rocket. The body tube holds all the parts like the nose cone and the fin. This tube was made by extruding a circle with the circle tool and then i added a waffle pattern.
This is the nose cone. It is the head of the rocket. The angle of the point depends og how fast or far it goes in the air. This was made by making multiple lines with the line tool then use the revole base tool and revolved the material around the lines which formed a cone shape, then there was another waffle pattern added
This is the fin. The fin goes on the back of the rocket. There is a total of 3 fins on the back of the rocket. This fin was made by placing multiple lines, then there was a new right plane sketch added with new dimensions and extruding that out to make the flaps that come out the back.
This is the drawing of the rocket. It shows the parts of the rocket. It shows the fin, nose cone, body tube and the assembly of the rocket. The drawing shows the rocket in color in isometric view and in lines in the front view.
Prezi Post 11/16
Mike Rowe's purpose is to tell are to tell people like his grand dad are no less important to civilize life than they did 50 years ago.The skill gap is skilled labor in America.
This machine makes packages for products as simple as a container
After this process is done a package comes out
This job is cool!
And in the package come this!
The highest paying job is a packaging engineer. You need to know how to use solidworks to be a packaging engineer and you need to be familiar with packaging. Your salary is $160,000 a year this is the highest paying solidworks job. And the lowest is 8 dollars an hour.
This is a bottle rocket designed in solidworks made up of a bottle a tube a nose cone and 3 fins.
This nose cone revolves around lines made by line tools and revolve base tools. The nose cone is attached to the body tube. This is an important part because it effects how it fly's in the air.
This is the fin. The fin is attached to the back of the rocket. All that makes up this fin is lines. The flap that comes off is just another right plane sketch.
Prezi Post 12/7
Prezi Post 12/14

CNC Manufacturing was established in 1996. They have machine centers that can manufacture small and large parts. CNC manufacturing is a sub-tier supplier to major part suppliers.
Goals for 3rd quarter

1.Make a successful water tower
2.start a new project
3.update my portfolio more often
4.complete a new project
5.improve on making things on solidworks without a tutorial
My rocket started out as a failure. Then I remade it into a better flying rocket. I learned about laser engraving and how to apply material and edit the settings. I got better with problem solving like when i added a little tape to make the fins more stable. I got better using helpful materials like the hot glue gun which played a big part on my rocket. And quality of construction was learned and used for a better flight because a rocket with a huge amount of tape wont fly as accurately as a rocket with a good amount and not so much. This project was a good learning experience and was a fun project to do.
I launched my rocket and it failed but i rebuilt it the next day and it flew really good farther than everyone's. This was a good learning experience for me and hope to have another one
This is the body tube, it was made by extruding lines and if you look closely you can see a opening on the side which is where the lines end.
This is my project 2. I used corel draw to design these tiles and engraved the designs using the laser. This project helped me get to know the laser more and get more familiar with focusing it all the safety rules and hoe to edit the settings and properties of the laser. This project turned out really good after i had to engrave a holder for my tiles. I made a tile for each of my family members. In order of the picture it goes my grandma, me, dad, mom, and my brother.
These are my tiles!
The objective of this project is to laser and cut out pieces to make my holder. It needs to be a little bigger than the tiles so they can fit inside. Wood needs to be cut out so the material it already set.
1. Finish in the 2 weeks given
2. Learn more advanced things about the laser
3. Accurately glue the wood together
4. Finishing and having a nice neat tile holder
The tile holder is finished. My goals were met. It was a great success and I did not fail. I didn't make a mistake and it came out great. For my future projects I will try to do the same and not make mistakes and have a successful project. My next steps are to do the tutorial for project 4 with a group of kids in my class.
1. Overproduction
2. Inventory
3. Waiting
5. Transportation
6. Rework
The 7 Wastes
To make too much of something.
work still in the making or finished work that isn't worth anything.
waiting for work to be finished.
4. Motion
moving more parts then required.
moving parts between processes that shouldn't be moved.
when you messed up the first time and you fix it and correct your mistake.
7. Over Proccesing
making things way over what the person wanted.
This is the tile holder and how mine was designed. This inst the exact one i made but it is very close and it does the same thing mine does which is hold my tile coasters.
Project 4:
Tile Tutorial
The objective is to think back to all of the steps I did from project 2 to project 3 and put those steps into a tutorial. This tutorial will be done in a group and the part of the tutorial I am doing is the part where you paint your tiles.
1. To finish within the time given
2. Make a good tutorial that would be useful to other people
3. To have good details within the tutorial
Dead Load
Live Load
stress characterized by pressing together
The weight of the structure itself, independent of traffic or the environment, which must be supported by the structure.
The Perpendicular distance a beam bends from straight, due to load and span.
External influence on an object which tends to produce a change in its shape or causes movement.
The dynamic or moving weight, such as traffic, carried by a structure.
The tendency of a force to cause a rotating motion
Stress placed transversely on a member in opposite directions.
Stress characterized by pulling apart
The deformation of an object caused by a force acting upon it. Compressive strain is the shortening of an object in compression. Tensile strain is the elongation of an object in tension. Shearing strain is the is a lateral deformation caused by a force which tends to move a part of an object more than another.
The resistance of an object to external force. Compressive stress develops as an object in compression resists being shortened. Tensile stress develops as an object in tension resists being elongated. Shearing stress develops as an object subject to shearing forces deformation.
How to build a tumblewing
Bride results
Held : 68 pounds
Weighed: 15 g
Structual efficientcy: .22
Solidworks Thompson jawing
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