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Class Dojo Tutorial

Class Behavior Resource

Michelle Jones

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Class Dojo Tutorial

What is Class Dojo? Screen 1 is for selecting the reward for the student; when done - click ok
Then screen 2 will show stating the program is in class mode - click ok When done entering names, you are ready for class!

Now you know Class Dojo! From here you can get reports on a certain student This is a tool that you will use
everyday! Class Dojo is a behavior improvement tool for the classroom. This program can be used for attendance, homework checks, points for good behavior, and etc. Let's get started!
go to www.classdojo.com
sign-up as a teacher After registering, the demo class screen will appear. Click the START button and go thru the demo . Here a sample class has been created in the demo. Go ahead and click the name to add a point You can now give more points or end class
Just click the student's name Report output for this student With this report, you can email, download and even share with parents.
Click here to return to your class or create a class
To create a class, select grade and give the class a name
Now add students to your class
Choose to create or play with the Demo Class Add student's name and you can also change the avatar
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