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What would the world be like without ants.

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Baylee Parr

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of What would the world be like without ants.

Ants play a big part in the world. They build forests creating oxygen for the world. There would be too many insects, fruit and trees. Humans have learnt a lot from ants.
Like finishing what you started.
Have a good self esteem.
Help others.
Be prepared.
Be responsible.
And building techniches
Ants are a big role in the world. If there were no ants, the world would be full of selfishness and poorly built houses.
What would the
world be like without ants?
What would the world be like without ants?
What do ants do?
What do ants eat?
Where do ants live?
Ants only live for 45 - 60 days.
But in that time they collect seeds and spread them
around creating quite a few forests.
They can also carry up to 5,000 times their
body weight.

There are four types of different ants diets.
No.1 is meat eater. They kill and eat many things such as insects, spiders, aphids and other ants.
No.2 is fruits and sugars.
No.3 is seed eaters.
No.4 is vegetable eaters.
They can be quite pesky in
the garden.

Ants live in the ground and can have their nests grow to as big as 6 meters below the ground.
The ants have a queen ant that is about four times the size of the normal ant.
Term 2 Mini inquiry
It takes one little ant.
How are we controlling ants?
Many people find ants annoying.
They seem to get into everything.
But not unless you have ant control.
One type of ant control for fire ants was effective but there were side affects on humans.
Increase the cause of miscarriages.
Can cause cancer.
Damages the liver and kidneys.
Could damage your eyes, stomach and intestines
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