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The egyptian souvenir

No description

Laura Mosquera Serrano

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of The egyptian souvenir

The manager of the museum called a Mr. Sanderson, ‘what say sally yesterday, at the Egyptian museum?’ Mr. Sanderson is angry, because sally should not shout in the museum is forbidden.
This day my dad shouts to sally and he is very angry because her study it`s disorganized.
Sally is sad because she did not do anything, and I do not believe.
Sally had a new supply teacher, her name is Miss. Robertson she is very beautiful a long black hair, amazing, eyes blues wow it`s beautiful. I still can`t believe that...well, that is what i have. She to look into it the project of the visit an Egyptian museum.
Her classmates said that they had objects, Miss. Robertson say to bring the objects tomorrow, she had a special lesson.
My sister see a black limousine out our house, is very strange...in this are two peoples and the conductor sally is beginning to suspect.

Chapter one
Chapter three
Sally wake up early and put on my cap and Mum´s glasses as a disguise. She ride off into town to search the black limousine and Sally discovered who are the people of the car so She follows it until a hardware shop, later, until a supermarket. She said they put they bags in the car. Finally, the cars stops outside Mr. Sanderson´s house! The people get out of the limousine and go into the house. Wait, Sally! Why are them into your teacher house? Sally said she couldn´t go closer to the house, so she comes home and convinced me to go with her at about 8.30 p.m. I told mum and dad that i`m going to get a book and i want to go with him, our parents were surprised but they let us go.
When we were there, we climbed up a tree and then… Oh! We saw Sally´s history teacher tied to a chair with a handkerchief in his mouth! Sally was really shocked! I told her that we should call the police so we looked for a telephone box and do that, I said Sally was five and was locked in and the police said they will be there soon.

Chapter four
My sister and I were in Mr. Sanderson’s house we hide behind a car, then we call the Firefighters and they arrived a few minutes later, when they arrived, I was asked some questions , I began to tell the story.

Sally told him not to tell our parents That we were here , my sister was agree

The next morning, my mum and dad, we wake up shouting “ come into the kitchen. Now!”, sally and I go into the kitchen together , they asked, where were you yesterday evening?

my fathers noted the newspaper, when i see the newspaper I found a photo me
and and an article in this mentioned I was a hero for saving Mr. Sanderson.

I was surprised and I felt like someone special , but my sister is very angry with me because she had been the one who had know were Mr. Sanderson has been but was so excited by this great recognition.

Chapter two
Sally take's the beetle to school and see that a lot of classmate have one, but her is different 'cause have not colors and have a lump.
In the class the teacher say them that they are going to see the object the next class, so put the beetle in her locker.
Sally take's the bike and then She see the black Limousin, it's very slowly so She follow it. The Limousin stop at the supermarket and the driver open the door and a woman that look familiar gets out and goes to shop after a few minutes she comes back with a carrier bag and into the car again. The driver goes to fast and She can't follow them more.
The teacher said them to put out objects but when Sally goes to see the beetle wasn't there and she shout"where is my beetle?" and Sally tell to the teacher and she says " a beetle with a lump, i have never see that" but she saw me beetle yesterday.
Sally can't sleeps, She think's that the beetle and limousine have a connection. "Oh, the woman of the limousine was Miss Robertson'''.
Sally going to solve this real mystery. Sally say`s ''I'm going to be Sally "Holmes" tomorrow, I'm going to solve this mystery''.
The egyptian souvenir
Writer by: Mary Flagan
Characters: Sally, Steven, Mum, Dad, Val, Paul, Miss Robertson, Mr. Sanderson.
Chapter five
When mom get home Sally tell's her everything about the beetle so she tell her that bouth going to go to the Majestic hotel to search something that could help to solve the mystery. There in the bathroom Sally see's the beetle with lump so she call's mom and she help's her to out of the pipe then she get's Sally to home and She goes to police station.
In the morning my mom give's Sally the newspaper and there is an article about her. Then Sally receives a letter from the Cairo and they are thanking her because the beetle is key of another part of Egypt's ancient and for that reason they give to Sally and her family a travel to visit them.
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