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Skills, qualites & responsibilities

Unit 5 YA Sport Introduction to unit Descriptions of skills, qualities & responsibilies. Assignment Requirements

Heather Gallant

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Skills, qualites & responsibilities

Unit 5: Planning & Leading Lesson Objectives Assignment Requirements Skills, Qualities & Responsibilities Skills Qualities Responsibilities Communitcation Organisation Knowledge Structuring of activities Target Setting Use of Language Evaluation of sessions Appearance Leadership Style Personality Enthusiasm Humour Confidence Motivation Professional Conduct Health & Safety Legal Obligations Equality Rules & Regulations Ethics & Values P1: Describe the skills, qualities and responsibilities associated with good sports leadership, using two examples of successful sports leaders.

M1: Explain these AND give comparisons & contrasts between the leaders.

D1: Evaluate the skills and qualities of the two leaders, commenting on their effectiveness. All: pupils will explain the Skills, qualities and responsibilities of a sports leader (M1), and plan a sports activity with help (P2).

Most: pupils will evaluate 2 sports leaders (D1) and plan a sports activity independently (M2).

Some: pupils will be effective at giving constructive feedback to others during practical sessions.
"Things a leader should be able to do" "Things that a leader should possess (have)" Things that a leader has to do (or have) Why is Sir Alex such a good leader?

In your groups can you write down as many characteristics of what you think makes a good leader ALL: pupils will be able to describe the skills, qualities
and responsibilities of a sports leader (P1).

MOST: pupils will be able to do this and give
comparisons and contrasts between their
chosen sports leaders (M1).

SOME: pupils will be able to EVALUATE the skills
and qualities of their leaders (D1). Miss Gallant
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