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clinton cholish

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam Vietnam is 127,243 Sq. Miles Its Government is Communist the main spoken language is vietnamese It has many diffrent religions like Christianity and Buddhism It's major industry is agriculture it's flat fields and warm temperature provide good conditions for growing food its warm climate allows tropical fruits to grow like Guava waterapple And star fruit They also grow Rice And veggies the sea to the south and east of the country provides fish mostof there dishes contain rice and veggies These dishes are often seasoned with herbs that grow in the country such as: Basil Mint Coriander Ginger Chili peppers Garlic And lemongrass The vietnamise also eat unusual things like dog Mmm......... Dog Sounds tasty They eat cat too If you think thats weird you will think there customs are to
they bow heads when they greet they dont touch other peoples heads and they dont show show affection between sexes in public They have a holiday called the Lunar new year
on this holiday the Vietnamise consider themselves one year older Now for some historical info vietnam broke free from chinese control in 939A.D. broke free from french control in 1954 The japenese occupied vietnam during WW II Fought in a war with the U.S. from 1955-1972 QUIZ TIME (X)(X)
_____ #1. Name an unusual food eaten in Vietnam. #2. Name a Vietnamise Holiday. #3. What type of Govt does Vietnam have? #4. Name another unusual food the Vietnamise eat. #5. If you went to Vietnam would you eat dog?
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