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Ecology Videos

No description

Hannah Mueller

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Ecology Videos

Ecology informs how pollution and particularly humans affect our environment
Today we will...
Go over Objectives
Preview of worksheet
Video 1
Crash Course #4 and #7
Table discussions of worksheet
Classroom discussion
Begin Backyard Ecology worksheet
Let's continue in our studies about ecology
First Video
Crash Course
First open "Ecology Project Video Worksheet" on Schoology
Look over the worksheet.

What answers can you answer off the top of your head?

What terms can you define off the top of your head?
1. Define a series of vocabulary important to the study of ecology

2. Brainstorm how these vocabulary terms apply to their own “ecosystem”.

• Academically – I expect everyone to pay close attention to the videos, and to rewatch them (if possible) outside of class. I also expect everyone to work on their worksheet during the video to the best of their ability.

• Behaviorally – I expect everyone to not talk during the videos. After the videos, I expect everyone to participate in the discussion with answers to the questions and definitions to the terms.
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