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Going Green- Cleopatra

By Abigial Smits

Abigail Smits

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Going Green- Cleopatra

Going Green- Why We Should
The Beginning
Cleopatra's Importance
Cleopatra was evidently important to both history and our society in general. I think she should be honored for her importance and how she changed history.
My proposal involves building a learning center that teaches important history, such as Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra. The school will be The Cleopatra School. It will be located in Luxor, Egypt

The Plan
With the project being titled "Going Green to Celebrate Life", I will be using green materials, but comparing the price to regular materials using and EXCEL spreadsheet
It was by law that Cleopatra had to have a consort, a brother or son, during the time that she ruled. She was married to her younger brother, but later took his name away from all documents. She also never used his portrait on coins in Egypt.
How She Started Her Reign
Cleopatra was first in love with Julius Caesar. She often portrayed herself as Hathor, and he often potrayed himself as Horus. Julius Caesar was stabbed to death one day upon entering the Senate. Cleopatra then met Marc Antony. She loved Marc Antony for a while, until he stabbed himself in the stomach, which led to Cleopatra herself getting a poisonous snake to bite her. Cleopatra had realized that her civilization was falling apart. She was the last ruler of Ancient Egypt.
Cleopatra's Relationships
Cleopatra had four children total, as far as we know. Her first child was a boy that she had with Caesar. The next two were twins, a girl and a boy, with Antony, and finally another boy with Antony.
A Family of Her Own
Cleopatra has gone down in history as the most famous female ruler of Egypt. She was known as the "Queen of Kings". Her clever and manipulating skills helped her be so important to this day.
Cleopatra- Queen of Egypt
People liked Cleopatra as their ruler for many reasons. She always had a plan to rule even more land. People also liked her because she was very holy, and worshipped the Egyptian gods often. She dressed as goddesses for many occassions as well.
Why Did People Like Cleopatra?
She was born in 69 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt, the capital of Egypt. Cleopatra Tryphaena was most likely her mother and her father was Ptolemy XII. She had two younger brothers , two older sisters, and a younger sister.
Going Green To Celebrate Life

By Abigail Smits
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