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The Hero's Journey of Scott Pilgrim VS The World

No description

Sienna S

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey of Scott Pilgrim VS The World

The Hero's Journey of Scott Pilgrim VS The World
Ordinary World
"Not so long ago in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada, Scott Pilgrim was dating a highschooler.."
The everyday life of Scott Pilgrim was quite dull. Still recovering from life-shattering breakup with Envy Adams, which took place over a year ago, Scott is dating highschooler Knives Chau. As the two take things slowly, his friends and bandmates totally pity him.
The Refusal of the Call

Call To Adventure
Scott's adventure is based around the mysterious American, Ramona Flowers. After seeing her at the library and in his dreams, he sees her at Julie's party. Upon discovering who she is, Scott is infatuated and wants to ask her out, the existence of his current girlfriend completely slipping his mind.
Creepy lil Scott has a crush, yeh?
oh yeah scott such a ladies' man wow
When Scott wants to ask Ramona out but doesn't, because he thinks she's waaay out of his league, he's refusing the call. He doubts his ability to be with someone as cool as her, but eventually decides to man up and ask her out.
silly lil Scott still refuses to deal with Knives wowow
Crossing the Threshold
When Scott goes on his first date with Ramona and travels the convenient subspace highway with her, she's kind of introducing him to her world. Aside from that, the battle with the first evil ex, Matthew Patel is a sort of initiation, where Scott realizes what he's gotten into.
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Throughout his journey Scott faces many tests, the most obvious being battling Ramona's evil exes.
As he fights valiantly, (and somewhat awkwardly) he's on the path to winning Ramona's heart.
Matthew Patel, the first evil ex comes as something of a surprise because Scott didn't read the informational email explaining the situation regarding the League of Evil Exes.
However, Scott defeats his first evil ex regardless.
As he moves up the ranks of evil exes, the battles become more and more difficult, of course, and his ability is put to the test to an even more significant extent.
Scott, by dating Ramona, accumulates an abundance of evil enemies by default. Aside from the obvious, Knives becomes an enemy when Scott breaks up with her. She hates him and especially Ramona. Also Envy Adams is a huge antagonist, with her vegan boy, Todd.
Scott's allies are few. They include Wallace, who's actually quite unsupportive. Also, his band, but they too are quite deadpan and unenthusiastic.
Scott faces many challenges. Other than beating the monotonous, seemingly never-ending string of evil exes, he begins to approach the most dangerous part of the journey, starting with after the second evil ex. Scott realizes how deep into this he is.
Approaching the Innermost Cave
Temptation to desert his cause?
Scott may not clearly seem to want to desert his cause but he definitely becomes discouraged. After defeating Lucas Lee, Scott mutters "Why does everything have to be so complicated..."
The largest, most dangerous challenge Scott faces is fighting the seventh evil ex, Gideon Graves. During this fight he earns the power of love, which he utilizes to defeat all of Gideon's henchmen. However, before he can go further, Gideon destroys Scott's newfound power of love. Through a whirl of blades and superpowers, Scott is defeated.

HOWEVER, Scott is revived with his 1up extra life he received after defeating the Katayanagi twins. In his second life he earns the power of self-respect, which he uses to defeat Gideon Graves once and for all. After Gideon however, Scott must face his opposite, literally, in the menacing Nega-Scott. He befriends himself easily, and very anticlimactically.
The ultimate reward; Scott gets the girl! Aside from a happy, evil-ex-free relationship with Ramona, he's earned other things such as the power of self respect, and the power of love over the course of his journey.
The Reward
Scott doesn't return to his old home with Wallace, he starts a new life with Ramona, taking off with her into the subspace highway. His new home is with her, he is in a sense reborn.
Road Back/Resurrection
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