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No description

나는 수석교사다

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of 스마트교육이란

ose: To have fun and to get to know one another outside of your primary service areas while being involved in Rec Sports activities outside of your job description
How to Earn Points:
Earn your team points by being involved in Rec activities outside of work! Each team has a team captain that is a member of S.M.I.L.E Committee. After completion of an activity you are to inform your captain about the activity done so they may keep track of the points. Please report to your captain within a week of completion of the activity. The team that accumulates the most points wins an epic prize.
Epic Prize @ the end

Dropping into a Group X class----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 pt.
Registering for a Group X class-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4 pts
Picking up an extra shift (only get points if you post this on D2L, excludes switching shifts)-----------
2 pts
Person who picks up most shifts by the end of the semester-------------------------------------------------------
5 pts.
Member of 1 committee (SAC, BEST, ERT, SMILE)---------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 pt.
Member of 2 committees (SAC, BEST, ERT, SMILE)-------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 pts.
Member of 3 committees (SAC, BEST, ERT, SMILE)-------------------------------------------------------------------------
3 pts.
Member of 4 committees (SAC, BEST, ERT, SMILE)-------------------------------------------------------------------------
4 pts.
Volunteer at a special event------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3 pts
Attend a special event---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 pt.
Participate in an intramural sport (1 point for each intramural team you are on)------------------------------
1 pt.
Your intramural team wins a Championship-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5 pts.
Going to a staff social---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3 pts.
Helping at an intramural sport clinician----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5 pts.
Attending a conference (WIRSA, NIRSA, Lead On)-------------------------------------------------------------------------
10 pts.
Attend an OC trip (cannot be assigned points if you are the trip leader for that trip)------------------------
3 pts. / day
Attend an event the Climbing Wall puts on--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 pts.
Participate in a Prowler Session---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 pt. / session
Attend a REC U Seminar-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 pts.
Participate in a Strength Center Challenge Tuesday-------------------------------------------------------------------
1 pt.
Win a Strength Center Challenge Tuesday---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3 pts.
Extra points if the entire team does any of the above activities together---------------------------------------
3 pts.
**Team Challenges-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3 pts.
Team 2
Ashley Tietgen (Captain)
Skyler Frickleton
Peter Molnar
Ben Johnson
Duy Nguyen
Kaley Villasenor
Josh Bruner
Brad Neitzel
Janel De La Luz
Team 3
Arica Bartz (Captain)
Amanda Disrud
Ben Peters
Ben Stanghelle
Tomas Landerer
Kathryn Steffen
Ryan Davies
Derek Benz
AJ Heil
Team 4
Bryse Conner (Captain)
Lucas Bergeson
Michael Kempf
Chuck Snyder
Anthony Rasmussen
Dylan Stensgard
Jenna Swails
Skyler Deblizen
Kyle Peterson
Team 6
Jenny Larson (Captain)
Ben Thompson
Cassandra Philippon
Bee Yang
Holly Vogelsang
Lisa Leedham
Nicole Masterson
Justin Gordon
Katie Torborg
Team 7:
Emily Langer (Captain)
Marni Persick
Taylor Kerscher
Jordan Olson
Dylan Volpintesta
Christopher Lois
Kelsey McLaren
Matt Mosiman
Cole Keesler
Team 8:
Kayla Guanella (Captain)
MiKayla Sanocki
Marcus Menzel
Riley Arnold
Zach Wellnitz
David Maternowski
Nick Berg
Mike Lyght
Brittney Willnski
REC Team Challenge Teams Continued.....
Ready...... Set..... REC CHALLENGE!!!!
21세기 학습자역량
퇴계원중학교 수석교사
21C 풍부한 디지털 미디어 환경
학습자들은 다양한 도구를 활용하여
다양한 정보를
탐색, 활용, 공유 등의 학습활동 학습

흥미를 촉진하고 능동적 자기주도적
지식을 창출해가는 활동을 할 수 있으며,
나아가 학교 교육과정을 통해 자연스럽게
21C 사회 구성원이 갖춰야 하는 역량
을 함양할 수 있다
스마트하게 수업하라!
스마트한 세상,
스마트교육의 개념
“21세기 학습자 역량 강화를 위한
지능형 맞춤 학습 체제”
교육환경, 교육내용, 교육방법 및 평가 등
교육체제를 혁신하는 동력"
“지식정보화 사회에서 요구되는
새로운 교육방법(pedagogy),
교사(Teachers) 등
교육체제 전반의 변화를이끌기 위한
지능형 맞춤 교수-학습 지원체제
최상의 통신 환경을 기반으로
인간 중심으로 한
소셜러닝(social learning)

맞춤형 학습(adaptive learning)

접목한 학습 형태”
Full transcript