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Sructure of New france government

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Kam Matharoo

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Sructure of New france government

The system of government in New France was relatively simple with most of the power resting in the hands of only three men. The Governor-General, The Bishop and the Intendent. At the top of the ladder was the King of France.
Structure of France government
The Governor General of New France
The Bishop of New France
Francois de Laval, a Jesuit priest, arrived in Quebec in 1659. He was appointed the first Bishop of Quebec in 1674, Laval directed the spiritual life in New France for 29 years, was very active in attempting to convert the Native people to Christianity. As leading member of the sovereign council, Laval had strong political influence. He organized the parish system of New France. The seminary that Laval founded at Quebec became Laval university in 1852.
• Structure of the government in New France (sovereign council, Bishop, Intendant, Governor General)
The sovereign council was a governing body in New France. It acted as both Supreme Court for the colony of New France, and as a policy making body, although, its policy role diminished over time. The council was officially established in 1663 by the King.
The Intendant of New France was an administrative position in the French colony of New France. He controlled the colony's entire civil administration.
Their role was to take care of religious services for the colonists and to convert First Nations people to Christianity. The bishop was in charge of all spiritual matters in the colony
The Governor of New France was the viceroy of the King of France in North America. The Governor then had responsibilities over both military and civil affairs in the colonies. With the new royal administration of 1663, the title of Governor General was given to the person responsible for the military and diplomatic relations.
Louis de buade, Count de Frontenac, was appointed governor of New France in 1672. He was a very successful military governor but because he would disagree with the intendant and the bishop, he was recalled to France in 1682.
Frontenac later returned to New France in 1689 to create peace by surpassing the Iroquois to attack English settlements and Finally expand France's fur trade. He remained there until his death in 1698. Frontenac's biggest concern was the expansion of New France's fur trade.
The Governor general represented the king in New France, he served as a living symbol of the kings authority. He was the highest ranking official in New France, he was appointed from the nobility. He also acted as master of New France under the kings name.
The Bishop of New France represented the Roman Catholic Church in New France. He ruled over parish priests and nuns of New France in the king's name, he was also in charge of the missionaries, churches, hospitals and schools.
The Intendant of New France
Jean Talon was the first Intendant of New France. During his time from 1665 to 1668, he conducted a census of the population. Talon attempted to change the economic base of the colony from fur-trading to agriculture and industry, but found out that this could not be accomplished without a larger population. Then he arranged for settlers to come to New France, including over 1000 women known as the filles du roi (King's Daughters). He encouraged further populations growth through marriage grants and baby bonuses. Talon tried to expand the economy by introducing new crops such as flax and hops by starting a shipyard and lumber industry, and encouraging mining.

The Intendant acted as chief administrator of New France in the king's name, he informed the king of colonial activities and ensured harmony among the people, he was also appointed from the nobility. And he also supervised the day to day running of the colony, law and order, and matters relating to money.
Jean Talon
Francois de Laval
Louis de Buade, Count de Frontenac
The Sun King
In France, Louis XIV (who reigned from 1661 to 1715), also known as the "Sun King," centralized the government around his own person and used art and architecture in the service of the monarchy. The French monarchs ruled with absolute power, meaning that there was little or no check on what they could and could not do. There was no parliament that would have balanced the power of the King (as there was in England). The King also ruled, so it was believed, by divine right. That is, that the power to rule came from God.
Structure of New France government
By: Kam Matharoo 708
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