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Potential Energy

No description

John Lisenbe

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Potential Energy

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com

potential energy
Gravitational Potential Energy is the energy built up by lifting something from the ground.
Elastic Potential Energy is the energy built up when something is stretched or compressed.
Potential Energy is energy that is stored.
Potential Energy
Potential Energy often refers to Mechanical Energy.
Potential Energy comes in two forms:
Like Kinetic Energy Gravitational Potential Energy is not absolute.
The GPE of an object will depend on how you measure their height.
Spring Constant
The spring constant tells you how much force it takes to compress or stretch a spring. Measured in N/m.
We see elastic potential energy forming anytime something is dropped and bounces back up.
When a ball is dropped and hits the ground it compresses some forming elastic potential energy.
When the ball releases its elastic potential energy it causes the ball to be forced back upward.
Talk it Out
A boy is on a roller coaster about to plummet from the initial drop. What kinds of energy does he have?
If you give an object elastic potential energy and then release that energy. What do you think that energy turns into?
Think of an example of when an object has both GPE and EPE.
A string with a spring constant of 500 N/m is stretched 5 cm. How much EPE does it build up?
A boy is on top of the empire state building. He has a mass of 45 kg and the building is 455 m. How much GPE does he have?
Susan (mass of 42 kg) sits on a platform connected to a spring. How much does the spring stretch if it has a spring constant of 8000 N/m?
You Try
What is the spring constant of a spring that gains 5000 J of EPE when it s stretched 20 cm?
Jillian is shot up by a circus cannon 10 m. If she has a mass of 62 kg then how much GPE does she gain?
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