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No description

Amy Pietrowski

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of PBL

Settle and Sign Up (10)
(thinglink & crocodoc)
Video (5)
Join Edmodo Group (5)
Direct Instruction (10)
Read and Collaborate (15)
Project (10)
Before you go... (5) Sign up for an account at:
personal.crocodoc.com vlzv78 http://personal.crocodoc.com http://thinglink.com https://docs.google.com/a/mail.fcboe.org/document/d/1YGF1PzpzdNXhMry8ligfzVdm3XIa8Ox-MsMDcBZKupc/edit Tell your neighbor one lesson or standard you might want to use PBL to teach. http://www.bie.org/images/uploads/useful_stuff/Tubric.pdf communication & collaboration driving questions maps struggles http://successatthecore.com/teacher-development/featured-video.aspx?v=28 http://www.bie.org/images/uploads/useful_stuff/Tubric.pdf At the beginning of class, log into Edmodo and your school email. Keeping in mind that we are going to create a map today, construct your "Tubric" then use it to create a driving question. http://goo.gl/maps/Sooxa http://www.googlelittrips.org/?177a3c98 How can we share tips for PBL in a compelling way? Get a group
Log into Edmodo
Choose one of the articles read together Sign up for Powtoon.com
Work together to create a clip no more than 30 seconds sharing tips or reasons for using PBL. edmodo DIIGO LIVEBINDERS http://www.livebinders.com http://diigo.com Google Forms 1. Log into Google Drive
2. Click on Create- Form
3. Insert and edit questions
4. Check your settings
5. Send
6. See your responses in a spreadsheet! FLUBAROO Grading Script....
Log into Google Drive
Find your Spreadsheet from last week
Go to INSERT - Script
Search for FLUBAROO
"Flubaroo" will show up in the menu on the right Nearpod -Week 8 Now is the time... make a plan

@bie.org collaborate brainstorm

ideas identify

CCGPS to get your snack

and sign in http://www.bie.org/images/uploads/useful_stuff/Project_Overview.pdf low tech: click and print Great Resources!

http://www.bie.org/tools/online_resources/project_libraries High Tech: Online Planner
http://www.bie.org/project_planner https://www.georgiastandards.org/common-core/Pages/default.aspx SHARE 1 out of every 3 ideas I have is a "bright" one. (Today's bright idea is infographics) Think about what can be "measured" and how you can measure it. Next, think about how to creatively represent your data. Start compiling graphics that represent your subject/ data points. Now you're ready to show your stuff!
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