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Birthday Wishes That Are Out of This World

No description

Nicole Linke

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Birthday Wishes That Are Out of This World

Snowboard with all
of the gear
Beats Headphones
I have been wanting these headphones for a while because they are the best quality and they look the smexiest. So if I had to choose a color it would be black or
Art & Design Book
of The Hobbit
I have started to read the actual book and so far I think it is great also I think it is so amazing how the author came up his own languages, species of creatures, and maps of his own imaginary world. I have also seen the first movie and I thought it was very well done, I love mythical fiction stories especially The Hobbit. I saw this book in Barnes to Noble and just fell in love with it...I really like Art & Design.
New iPod touch with the ios 7 update or an iPhone 5s with a case
Birthday Wishes That Are Out of This World!
This may seem like a crazy gift but the snowboard wouldn't have to be brand new you silly goose, it would just have to be useable... so I can practice on it until I am good enough for something like this. This is a sport I feel I would really like to do.
iPod touch (ios 7)
iPhone 5s ( green or blue)
Cases for iPhones and iPods
I have had my iPod touch for 3-4 years now and it has become so out dated that I can't download any new apps on the app store, or post videos on insta. So it would be amazing to have either one of these devices.
I absolutly adore plants and animals and it would be amazing if I could take care of my own little mini garden especially if it has a hobbit house in it ( look where arrow is pointing).
Anime Stuff
I have always liked anime and cartoon movies ever since I was little I remember the first anime movie I ever watched... Spirited Away, and ever since that movie I have continued to love these kind of films.
Adventure Time Stuff
Adventure Time is so awesome that I can't even explain in words how awesome is, it's the perfect combo of weirdness, friendship, action, creativitity, art, comedy, excitement, and adventure...
I LOVE IT!!!!!
Princess Monoke
My Neighbor Totoro
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Castle In The Sky
Also Although I enjoy every character on the show Jake and Marceline are my favorite.
Green is the best color...
get these.
Remodel Room
I think that I should have a room that is a little bit more machore then jungle theme so I think its about time I get out the jungle and into a new room... like this or with things like these.
Cool Bed Spreads
simple but awesome
Computer/Study Desk
Awesome Posters
The End
After watching this Prezi and seeing all of the childish cartoony stuff on it, you would probably never guess that I'm gonna be a freshman in highschool next year, Surprise!!... I know it surprised me too, but all of those silly goofy kid things are what define me and I enjoy every one of those things, but I do have to thank you truely for watching this, I know now that you probably fell asleep like three times while watching this but if you actually remember anything from this expierance don't be pressured to get me anything for my B-day, I would be very lucky if i got anything at all. So this is just an "entertaining" visual of my imagination when it comes to gifts, so anyway thanks again for watching and I hope you have your own amazingly stupid and awesome B-day wishes of your own, who ever you may be. :P
"Hey wait!!!"
By: Nicole Linke
Adventure Time Characters (just to refresh your memory)
Adventure Time Toys
Adventure Time Clothing
Adventure Time Comics
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