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Apple Presentation

No description

Woneata Hart-Stallworth

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Apple Presentation

Apple Inc. Won lawsuit against Samsung
Samsung loses market share, Apple picks us

DOJ lawsuit against Apple and other companies for E-Book Lawsuit, losing

Moderate  Political/Legal Trends Mass Following
Incredibly Popular
2007 – Net Sales 630 Million
2008 – Net Sales 6.742 Billion
2009 – Net Sales 13.033 Billion
Apple Families
Customer Loyalty
“The majority of IBM and compatible users ‘put up’ with their machines, but Apple’s customers ‘love’ their Macs” –Apple Analyst

Positive Rating Socio“Cult”ural Trends Economic Trends
Socio-cultural Trends
Demographical trends
Technological Trends
Global Trends
Political/Legal Trends Apple’s General Environment Steve Job's NEXT
Jobs became interim CEO in 1997
Made a lot of changes Return of Steve Jobs IBM + Microsoft + Intel
Macintosh falling behind
Net income fell 62%
Jobs forced out, John Sculley in
Over 50% of education market
First instance of brand loyalty
IBM kept dropping prices=Mac Classic
Michael Spindler in New Regime (I) Brand Image, "Think Different"
Apple’s Cult/Followers
Innovation, Hub
Ease of Use
Product Placement SWOT Analysis - Strengths Economic Trends - Moderate
Doing fine in economy, $690 per share
Socio-“cult”ural Trends - Positive
Diehard Followers
Demographical Trends – Positive
IPhone and Ipad, Ease of use
Technological Trends –Positive
On the edge
Global Trends - Positive
Political/Legal Trends - Moderate Apple’s General Environment Global Expansion Imminent
Not as practical to aim for Mass Market

Opportunity in other markets
Must continue ‘niche’ strategy

Positive Rating Global Trends Pride in Cutting Edge

New products every 5-8 months

Rapid growth in tech
Moore’s Law: every 18 months
Customers waiting for next new product

Positive Rating Technological Trends IPhone
Main focus age: 14-28
This group uses all functions of the Iphone
Applications, texting, internet browsing, games, phone, GPS navigator, movies, music and camera.

Main focus age: Open
Ease of use breaks down the digital divide

Positive Rating Demographical Trends Leadership
Global Challenges Today/Critical Issues Market cap of $650 billion
Sells consumer electronics, computers, and software.
World’s third largest cell phone maker
Iphone 5 sales Overview/Apple Today End of alliances
New Direction
Gilbert Amelio CEO in 1996 New Regime (II) Established April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Apple I
Mike Markkula Jr.
Apple II in 1978
$1 billion in sales
IPO in 1980 Beginning Years Brave – Diversify
Paranoia – Keep Innovating
Global Sales
Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Alternatives Diversify
Movie Industry
Computer Games
Video Cameras Opportunities Steve Job's death
Mass Market
Incremental vs Radical Innovation
Lack of CSR
Failure to Groom Successor
Lack of Diversification Weaknesses Global Opportunity
Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
U.S. Economy Uncertain Economic Trends Domestic Market
Individual Consumers
Highly Competitive Tech Industry
Lawsuits Threats Threat of New Entrants
U.S. Global
Bargaining Power of Buyers
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Threat of Substitute Products
Niche Mass
Rivalry among Competing Firms
Niche Mass Porter’s Five Forces Model Agenda History of Apple
Challenges in 2012
Environmental Analysis
Strategic Alternatives
Implementation Austin Frazier
Garrett Beaton
Jonathan Martz
Joseph Lo
Woneata Stallworth Brave – Diversify
Gaming console
Risk vs. Reward
Radical change Strategic Implementation Moderate Rating 
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